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Carts Service

AUC transportation department provides an on-campus cart service to The American University in Cairo (AUC) visitors in coordination with the host department to facilitate commuting on campus.

  • Foodservice shuttle to transport materials between the main preparation area and food outlets on a half-hourly basis
  • Passengers shuttle through the tunnel every half hour to transport staff and vendors’ personnel
  • Catering transportation services
  • Maintenance and construction material transportation
  • Medical services department’s ambulance operations
  • Inventory, Press, and AUC stores material transportation
  • Transportation of guests on campus during commencement and major events
  • Maintenance of AUC carts
  • Serving other departments

Reservation Procedures

  1. The service requester must send an email with the below details:
    1. Requester name
    2. Requester e-mail
    3. Department
    4. Telephone number
  2. Request details (cart type, number of carts required, number of passengers, trip details, date, time, and duration)
  3. The service requester will receive a response within 24 hours during business days confirming his/her request along with the designated charges
  4. The requester must submit the request details before the desired service delivery date by at least one business day
  5. The requester must send the payment details via  email  before fulfilling the service request
  6. The service requester will receive an email from carts services or a phone call with the driver's details before the time.
Carts TypePrice
Utility CartEGP 40 per hour
Five passengers – CartEGP 60 per hour
14 passengers – BusEGP 120 per hour
  • The carts service is available for departmental usage only
  • The service requester must send the required fund reservations upfront before the requested service date; otherwise, the service will not be fulfilled
  • All reservation requests must be placed through email only
  • The service requester must submit the request details before the desired service delivery date at least by one business day
  • In case of emergency reservations (not less than 24 hours before the intended service delivery time), the following rule applies:
    • A premium charge applies with an additional 50% fee
  • All medical cases service requests must be approved by the AUC clinic
  • Carts reservation office operating hours are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday
  • For service request time extension, and in case of availability, the requester will be charged for the extra time fee based on the prices indicated at the regular fees table
  • If the extra charges are not paid, no future requests will be accommodated for the requester
  • The drivers’ main and only responsibility is to commute requesters to the required destination safely. Drivers are not allowed to carry items
  • The service requester should keep the cart clean and tidy
  • AUC carts are intended to be used only to commute passengers along with their personal belongings (luggage that fits in the trunk, except for the utility carts)
  • The driver’s maximum standby time for regular requests is 30 minutes. In case the service requester is late for any reason, he/she should call the driver with an extra hourly fee to be charged


For any inquiries, send an email to carts@aucegypt.edu.

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