Health Equity and Reproductive Health

Implications for Research, Policy and Actions

[This course is currently on hold until further notice.]


The workshop aims to:

  • Familiarize participants with the conceptual base and the recent discourse on health equity and social determinants of health.
  • Frame reproductive health and population issues within the equity agenda.
  • Establish a scientific foundation for proactive advocacy informing social and public policies. and programs to improve health and achieve equity and development in Arab countries. 
  • Share knowledge on policy and actions to reduce inequities in health across different social groups with particular emphasis on reproductive health.
  • Develop methodological skills and capacities for measuring and analyzing health equity.

The workshop emphasizes a social justice framework and uses health equity as a marker for the development and success of social public policies, as well as the governance commitment to social justice. This framing widens the relevance of this workshop to social, and public health researchers, program officers as well as policymakers and invites their contribution in this newly emerging field. 

The workshop is divided into two main components:

  1. The first component focuses on providing the participants with the theoretical and conceptual base of the three main issues: health equity, reproductive health and reproductive health with an equity focus. It further presents some of the best practices and in tackling health equity, as well as addressing social determinants of health and health inequities with a particular emphasis on reproductive health.
  2. The second component aims to build the technical skills capacities in assessing and measuring health inequities, their social and structural determinants and their interrelationships.


The workshop is suitable for a wide audience, particularly those with research and/or programmatic interests in the field of social science and social policy research as well as those working in the field of reproductive health and health systems in Arab countries. Participants are expected to have relevant experience and to be able to follow lectures in both Arabic and English.

Fees and Application

The two components of the workshop are complementary and it is strongly recommended that participants attend both components. However, it is possible for the applicants to apply for the first component only. The fee for the first component is $1,000 and for the full workshop (both components), the fee is $2,000. These fees do not cover travel and living expenses. 

Do not hesitate to contact the training team should you have any questions on tel 20.2.2615.1405/1319.