About Us

The Bartlett Linkage Initiative was initiated to identify innovative tools able to create an inclusive policy platform where gender policies can be explained, discussed, and debated on a wide scale within different media.

What We do?

Create a space enabling diverse stakeholders within and outside of the university to engage in a dialogue on how sustainable, intersectional, and adaptive gender policies platforms can be achieved.

Our Focus 

To provide tools and demonstrative models that can create a participatory gender policy platform and a guide for policy outreach

  • Identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities in gender policies and research through auditing certain policies/strategies/laws, identifying international best practices, and wide consultations with stakeholders
  • Formulating a network of stakeholders to shape tools and models
  • Engagement of student community through holding interdisciplinary workshops and discussions to raise awareness on the problem and inspire ideas while engaging the student community in grounded work and enabling their own informed participation in broader networks and national concerns
  • Create a sustainable mechanism for consultations and negotiations around emerging gender injustices

Our Network

Our network aims at efficiently pooling together the resources and expertise of entities such as NGOs, INGOs, national bodies, research centers, students, and women from different backgrounds in order to reach cooperative tools that can be presented for activation.