Media Relations

The News and Information unit pulls together all of the functions that communicate through various forms of media. It is responsible for communication strategy, nurturing media relations in Egypt, U.S and Arab region, U.S. visibility, crisis communications, social media and Arabic outreach.

Media Relations

We promote AUC public events, programs, researches, and experts in the different media outlets in Egypt, the U.S., and the region, through advisories and news releases sent to selected media, print and TV. If you are organizing an event and need to send a media advisory, or if you want to write a news release highlighting an event, a recent research, an agreement, or a program, that you believe will be of interest to the external audience, contact our media experts Rehab Saad, who is in charge of Egypt and the Arab region.

We also serve as a liaison between the University and several major TV channels, local, regional and international. This guarantees constant coverage of AUC events on TV, as well as promoting AUC faculty and experts by hosting them in talk shows and renowned programs.    

Social Media

We are responsible for creating and overseeing AUC accounts on various social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Flicker. In addition to AUC English Facebook fan page, and English Twitter account, we recently created an Arabic Facebook fan page and an Arabic Twitter account, to increase the Arabic outreach.  To explore the potential of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media tools,  you can contact Rehab Saad,, who is in charge of the Arabic accounts.    


News and Information publishes news@auc, an e-newsletter sent to faculty and staff on daily basis when classes are in session and on weekly basis when classes are over. It includes all announcements by faculty and staff and all events organized on campus. If you want to announce a workshop for faculty, new partnerships, new agreements or new transportation schedules at news@auc, send your announcement to by 2:00 pm in order to appear the following day. 

Arabic Website

Serving the needs of the Arab audience, parents and Arabic speaking media, we created an Arabic website which includes all necessary information on the University, its mission, goals, admissions, programs, schools, academic body, as well as a media newsroom. The website provides potential parents with all information regarding the education of their children, and also provides media representatives with all news and information on the University.

Media Support

For AUC Community 

As we are the liaison between the University and the media, members of AUC community are encouraged to contact us for any media support, including writing advisories and news releases for their news and events, arranging press conferences, inviting journalists, arranging TV interviews on campus and in studios, and also facilitating the entrance of media, print and TV, to the campus by acquiring the necessary security permits.

For Media Representatives

We provide media representatives with the following services:

1- News Releases

Visit our Media Newsroom and browse our recent news releases, or search for any old release from our news archive.

2- Find an Expert

Members of the news media can contact Media Relations Unit for assistance in finding experts who will comment on news stories. Reporters can also search for faculty members and experts by the department affiliations.

3- Media Contacts

For any inquiry regarding information or an event, media representatives have to contact any of the Media Relations Unit members.

4- Media Interviews
We arrange for media interviews, whether print or TV, with AUC experts. Contact us to know the experts in the field you want, to set up the time and date of the interview, and to secure entrance to the campus. For TV crews, we arrange the setting, arrange for golf cars to transport equipment from AUC gates to the desired destination on campus, and facilitate the entrance of TV equipment to the campus. We also assist crews in selecting AUC students to talk about different subjects and to give their opinion in various issues. TV crews are advised to contact the unit at least one day before shooting. 

4- Photography Guidelines

We assist photographers in getting original shots of AUC’s campuses, faculty, staff and students when appropriate. Please contact us to arrange for a photo shoot.