Student Ambassadors at AUC: 'Discovering New Aspects of My Personality, Learning New Things About AUC'

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program is a rigorous training program for competitive and talented students who wish to represent AUC to stakeholders and distinguished guests of the campus. After receiving training that teaches them the history and details of what makes AUC interesting and distinctive, Student Ambassadors conduct tours for individuals and groups for both the New Cairo campus and Tahrir Cultural Center. 

“[The Student Ambassadors Program] is not just the most prestigious program at AUC; it’s more than that,” said Yousef Berbar, construction engineering senior. “It’s where you will get to learn and experience a lot of real-life challenges that will better position you for a successful career and work life.” 

Student Ambassadors are trained storytellers and provide their guests with a sense of AUC's mission, history and achievements, intertwined with their own perspectives and experiences. Additionally, they play a vital role in supporting the AUC community by serving as hosts at events such as commencement, centennial celebrations and AUC-hosted conferences. 

“As an AUC Student Ambassador, I am representing something that shaped me, enhanced and broadened my education mindset --- a place and people that I gladly and pridefully consider to be an extended family, a home,” said Dina Wahdan, electronics and communications engineering senior.

Becoming a ٍStudent Ambassador comes with the benefit of acquiring different skills, such as leadership, self-reliance and solid oral and public communication skills. Student Ambassadors are taught by top trainers to ensure that they meet the highest standards required for such a level of responsibility. 

“The Student Ambassador’s program...has developed my confidence, teamwork and leadership skills and most importantly has taught me ‘perfection,’ because every action taken and my appearance reflects on AUC,” said Malak Awad, an electronics and communications engineering junior. “It’s all about the small details.”

Student Ambassadors also have ample opportunities to network. They meet with prominent and accomplished visitors to AUC and can gain insight into what makes a person successful through brief and informal interactions with these visitors. Most importantly, Student Ambassadors develop a strong sense of community with their peers, which provides mutual support and fosters growth. 

“Being a Student Ambassador has helped me discover new aspects of my personality while learning new things about representing AUC,” said Nada Askar, computer engineering junior. “The amazing ambassadors team I got to work with, the people I have met along the way and the training I have received have helped change me into a better version of me.”

“This program played a major role in shaping who I am today, which I am proud of. I cannot imagine the day when I graduate and leave this family,” said Mariam Serag, a business administration junior.

Applying for the program

A new round of applications for the Student Ambassadors Program for Fall 2020 is launched. Applicants should demonstrate high leadership qualities, excellent spoken English capabilities, and a commitment to representing the core values of AUC. Being a Student Ambassador means providing campus tours, serving as hosts and assisting during special events hosted by the University. Ambassadors may also be asked to speak at events and meetings. They are expected to study and master tour narratives as well as information about the University and its history. Applicants best-suited for this program are excellent public speakers with highly developed interpersonal skills, and ideally, ones with some leadership experience or training.


The application deadline is at 12:00 pm on April 9, 2020. Final decisions will be announced by the end of April. To apply, follow the steps below: 


1.       Log on to AUC Connect using your AUC email credentials.

2.       Fill out and submit the application form.

3.       Click on the“All Groups” button to navigate to the groups listing page

4.    Check the box to the left of the “Student Ambassadors” group under the “Student Program” tab

5.  Type the word “Submitted” in the ‘More details required’ textbox and click ‘Join’      

For more information about the program, please check the website:

If you have any questions, please contact us at