Update: Emergency Tuition Grant Program

In the first few days since the opening of applications, 194 students have applied for the new Emergency Tuition Grant Program. The deadline for submitting applications is December 15. 

For those who have not yet submitted their applications, a hands-on session will be held on Wednesday, December 7 in the AUC Library, Lab P017 (plaza level) from 1 to 3 pm to help parents and students submit their applications successfully. Information and details about this session will be sent, with registration details, to all students via the portal.

As was explained at last week’s community briefing session, all students who are already receiving financial aid or have applied and were eligible for financial aid for the Spring 2017 semester do not need to apply for the Emergency Tuition Grant Program, as they will automatically considered, unless they choose otherwise. All accepted financial aid awards from the Emergency Tuition Grant Program will be disbursed directly to students’ accounts –– in dollars –– by January 19. To apply for the Emergency Tuition Grant Program, click here.

President Francis J. Ricciardone announced the new Emergency Tuition Grant Program last Tuesday as a re-allocation of up to $5 million from the 2016 - 2017 budget to fully cover the costs anticipated for all families requiring grants to meet the additional Egyptian pounds needed for the balance of this year’s tuition. He emphasized that the University is taking emergency measures necessary to ensure that no currently enrolled student must withdraw from AUC due to his or her family’s inability to pay tuition. A community briefing session on November 30 informed students and parents of the detailed process and timeline of the new program.   

Sohair Saad, executive director of the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships, noted that it is important for all undergraduate and graduate students to submit their applications, fully and accurately completed with all necessary documents, ensuring that there is no mismatch between the documents and application figures.

“Make sure your application goes through when you submit your application; otherwise, we are not going to receive it,” said Saad, adding, “Our office is always open for any student or parent who has inquiries on how to apply and what documents to upload.”  

She added, “Our priority is to accommodate currently enrolled students and put their minds at ease before the Spring 2017 tuition fees are due. That’s why we are operating on a tight timeline and the University is providing us with additional resources.”