New Minor: Global and Public Affairs

A new minor in global and public affairs is now open to undergraduate students, making graduate classes in public policy and administration available to undergraduates for the first time. 

Nabil Fahmy, dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, noted that the decision to make public policy and administration courses available to undergraduates will allow a wider array of AUC students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in their future professions, whether domestically, regionally or internationally. “This minor will further enhance the Department of Public Policy and Administration’s objective of developing its academic offerings to reflect the current needs of government agencies,” he said. “The selection of courses included in the undergraduate minor will impart tools and skills to effectively deal with and manage expected obstacles in the workplace.”

The new minor takes a multidisciplinary approach to diversify student knowledge and skills in public administration, public policy and global affairs. “The minor in global and public affairs provides students with the basic concepts and knowledge to understand how governments work and how to work with governments in both local and global contexts,” said Shahjahan Bhuiyan, chair of the Department of Public Policy and Administration and associate dean of undergraduate studies in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

“It comes at a time when it is particularly important to meet and understand the current challenges of public sector reform and associated policies, and how these affect the decision-making process and functioning of all kinds of local and international organizations -  whether public, nonprofit or private sector,” Bhuiyan added.   

The global and public affairs minor is open to all AUC undergraduates, regardless of their academic focus. Students who choose this minor will take two courses on the fundamentals of public policy and administration as well as management in government, in addition to choosing from a selection of courses on diplomacy, leadership and communication for public affairs, nonprofit management, and public policy in Egypt and the Middle East.

Even for students whose primary interests are not within the public or government sectors, the minor will help them understand and manage the intricacies of the public sector and its policies, with a constant focus on developing a practical mindset, Bhuiyan explained. 

For more information on the global and public affairs minor, please email, call 20.2.2615.3330 or click here.