Allehedan Establishes Scholarship, Scientific Research Fund at AUC

“I come from a modest family, and I didn’t get the chance to be educated,” said Saudi businessman Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim A. Allehedan, who recently established a scholarship and scientific research fund at AUC. “After researching, I found that the best place for me to put this endowment would be at a university in Egypt, and I found that The American University in Cairo is the best University in Egypt. … I am one of the believers that Arabs would not exist without Egypt, and Egypt would not exist without Arabs. And if Arabs are not well-educated, they will not be strong.”

The Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim A. Allehedan Endowed Scholarship and Scientific Research Fund at AUC aims to support talented Arab students and encourage specialized scientific research in uncommon disciplines in the Arab world. “Scientific education is the most important factor in the advancement of nations, and the Arab world will not develop unless we focus on education,” said Sheikh Allehedan.  

The fund is dedicated to basic sciences such as mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, energy and petroleum, water and the environment, economics and development. It will provide scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, in addition to providing scientific research grants for Arab world development. The fund will also support annual prizes presented to distinguished students and patent holders, whether students or staff members. In addition, it aims to support scientific achievements and research, as well as the innovative and creative cultural contributions of Arabs to humanitarian activities. 

“This fund [is] a [vote] of confidence in what AUC represents to Egypt and the region, both as a research and educational institution,” said AUC President Lisa Anderson. “Within the next few years, we will be celebrating our centennial in Egypt, and to be able to say that people like Sheikh Allehedan believe in us and what we do is an enormous gift in itself. The kinds of things that will be supported by this gift, in education and research, should make a difference in Egypt and the region, and we’re very, very proud to be the recipient of this kind of financial support, [and even] more importantly, the moral support and endorsement of someone of this caliber, generosity and vision.” 

Through this fund, Sheikh Allehedan hopes to contribute to Arab human development and to spread the culture of tolerance and coexistence among Arabs without discrimination based on religion, faith, tribe, family, nationality or region.