Opening Doors for Potential: Scholarship Students Reflect on AUC Experience

"There are many things that make us really unique in Egypt, and, I would say, even in the world. One of the things that make us really special is our scholarship program,” said President Francis J. Ricciardone at the sixth annual welcome and recognition ceremony for scholarship students, which recognizes current scholarship students of good academic standing and welcomes new scholarship students to the AUC community.

This academic year, Ricciardone noted, AUC has set aside $23 million for financial aid and scholarships, of which $5 million have been allocated specifically for scholarships, double the amount from last year. This increase has helped to award more than 315 students with full-tuition scholarships.

These scholarships have helped students access a high-quality educational experience that can guide them toward achieving their goals. “We see our mission as inspiring explorers for lifelong journeys of challenge, of discovery, of innovation and of service,” asserted Ricciardone. “We challenge all of our students who come here -- whether on scholarships or not -- not only to think about who they want to be, but, who am I? Who do I want to be? What problems do I want to solve?”

With more than 90 named scholarships, the University is able to draw in students from diverse backgrounds, each one hoping to take advantage of the resources AUC has to offer and carve out a path toward his or her own vision. At the ceremony, students reflected on having the opportunity to study at AUC, sharing some of their most valued experiences.


 “AUC is a great place to be educated, and I’ve learned a lot. I made new friends, I got practical experience from labs and workshops, and I participated in extracurricular activities, like Resala and the Model Council of Ministers, where I gained experience and learned how to socialize.”

Mostafa Zaki, mechanical engineering, Public School Scholarship Fund


 “AUC is simply my home. It has become my first home.”

John Hanna, mechanical engineering, Omar Mohsen Endowed Public School Scholarship


"AUC provides high-quality education. I am now thinking of pursuing a master’s degree, and, without the education I’ve received here, I don’t think I would have been able to confidently apply to other schools to pursue more in life.”

Saher Barsoum, mechanical engineering, Major General Ahmed Arafa Endowed Public School Scholarship


“AUC is the greatest opportunity in Egypt. I am glad to be a part of it. You don’t only get high-quality education, but you get to make connections in your field for work later.”

Karima El Demerdasch, double major in music performance and film, Honor Scholarship



“Over the past four years, I have seen myself change. The experiences, the friends -- this shaped me. A lot of memories were made here. I wouldn’t be who I am now if it weren’t for the past four years at AUC.”

Sohaila Abou Taleb, mechanical engineering, The Cultural Scholarship


"AUC is a great place for people to be open-minded, have independent thoughts and express themselves.”

Alaa Enany, computer engineering, Public School Scholarship Fund


“I like AUC’s style of education -- the projects, the way we study, the way that studying is not all about exams, but also projects and other activities. I enjoy that I can take courses not related to my major. I am taking Introduction to Psychology, even though I am a computer engineering major because I like psychology. That’s why I think having liberal arts here is so important.”

Engy Raafat, computer engineering, The Cultural Scholarship


“It’s a wonderful educational opportunity. It opens up different doors for you that otherwise wouldn’t be available.”

Aya Moemen, computer engineering, The Cultural Scholarship



“If I didn’t get this scholarship, I wouldn’t have enrolled in such a great University. It opens the door for many students like me who have potential, but don’t have the financial ability to get this quality of education.”

Mariam Gamal Badr Mahmoud, HSBC Bank Egypt Endowed Publish School Scholarship


“I was a STEM school graduate from Alexandria. Living in the dorms has given me much experience and let me enjoy the University even more. I hope to work in machine learning. AUC gives me the chance to really make a difference in software companies here in Egypt, unlike other engineering programs.”

Seif Mohamed Ali Helal, computer engineering, Joseph Van Vleck Endowed Scholarship


“What makes me happy at AUC is participating in activities and clubs like Volunteers in Action and other community service organizations.”

Mohamed Yasser Abousetit, physics, Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program


"My dream job is to be head of the Central Bank of Egypt. Having an AUC education is different than any other university. We learn to understand everything we study and know how to apply it in the real world to get internships and jobs."

Yomna Allam, business with a concentration in finance, Public School Scholarship Fund