MySafeUni Day in Photos

MySafeUni Day
MySafeUni Day on April 5 brought together students, faculty, alumni and people from across Egypt to engage in conversations about how to make campuses harassment-free.
Reem El Moghraby, AUC’s Title IX coordinator, explains to the audience her office’s role in overseeing harassment complaints and holding harassers accountable during the Universities Unite panel.
During the Universities Unite panel, Hend Al-Hilaly, director of the Anti-violence and Harassment Unit at Ain Shams University, talked about her work to ensure the safety of all women on campus and different procedures they have taken since the unit’s est
“We need to create a hostile environment for predators and a welcoming and empowering one for possible victims.” - Moustafa Sherif, Debate Society Debate Manager, Biology
Panel Wait Is That Harassment
In an interactive conversation, student actors and playwright of Msh Zanbek exchanged thoughts with Hania Sholkamy ’85, ’89 about the extent to which sexual harassment is normalized in Egypt, to report or not to report and how to increase awareness.
Nour El Captan
“The way forward is media representation, through things like Msh Zanbek, to show serious [sexual harassment] is - because harassment affects everything. So framing it that way will show how serious of a crime this is.” - Nour El Captan
Nadia Ezzeldin
"99% of women have been harassed, and that isn't a haphazard statistic... .Most people you meet on a daily basis will tell you that they’ve been harassed. And because the statistic is so high, it’s become normal,although it shouldn't be." -Nadia Ezzeldin
Hania Sholkamy
“At AUC, we’re often called a bubble. We hope to be a bubble of safety, mutual respect and dignity." - Hania Sholkamy '85, '89
Youssef El Ghannam
“Due to the cultural norm of Egyptians and the social view as a whole, whether you choose to report or not, it’s always two steps back and one step forward... .You can’t imagine the pressure women undergo." - Youssef El Ghannam
Chalk the Talk: Attendees stopped by the chalk board write down some tips and words of positivity.
While we need to tackle the root causes of sexual harassment, it’s important to know how to defend yourself in some situations. Some women take part in an hourlong self-defense course.
“I try to use my platform to talk about things I care about, and it got to a point where I just couldn’t remain silent. …If you are an artist, a poet, a writer, a sports figure, create discourse course around that topic in your area.” - Omar Samra '00
"No means no. ... Anything that happens without your consent is called harassment. ... Walk straight into that main door and take control of your lives. ... Stand up and help others get past this. - Gala El Hadid '05, '07
“A harasser is not someone who lost control, it is someone who decided to lose control. …Speak up and say what happened and we are all backing you up.”- Tarek El Ebiary '12
“As privileged men, we need to use our privilege to empower women, make sure they have equal rights, enact equality, and protect them through reporting mechanisms.” - Ahmed Alaa Fayed ’13