Hassan Azzazy Named Founder of the Year by Northern Africa Startup Awards


After winning the French-Egyptian Prize for Technology a few months prior, NanoEbers has snagged another award, with its CEO Hassan Azzazy, distinguished University professor in AUC’s Department of Chemistry, being named a Founder of the Year by the Northern Africa Startup Awards.

“I am privileged and proud to lead and support NanoEbers' ambitious and talented researchers toward developing innovative technological prototypes to address national, global health and environmental challenges," said Azzazy.

In 2020, the company was selected by Innovation Factory Bootcamp as the best startup in Egypt. NanoEbers was also recently awarded an acceleration package and financial award from Saudi Arabia’s Taqdam Accelerator for its innovative solutions.

Azzazy commended the NanoEbers team for all its accomplishments. “A brilliant team of dedicated researchers represent the core drivers of NanoEbers,” he said.

NanoEbers is a deeptech startup company that develops wound care products, including biodegradable wound dressings and hemostatic sponges that can immediately stop bleeding. The startup's wound dressings are loaded with natural antimicrobials, including bee venom, bacteriophage and medicinal plant extracts.

The company has also developed a patented optical chemosensor technology that can detect heavy metals in wastewater and drinking water.