FAQ about Commencement Spring 2019


Do you have any questions about the upcoming commencement? This week, as we prepare for the ceremony and look forward to honoring the graduating Class of 2019, News@AUC tackles questions you might have about the event.


Q: Where can I watch the livestream of the event?

Time Main Room School Video Streaming Hall Link
5 - 7 pm Bassily Auditorium Business Moataz Al Alfi Hall School of Business
5 - 7 pm ARTOC Sports Court Sciences and Engineering Mary Cross Lecture Hall, Room P06 School of Science and Engineering
5 - 7 pm Mohamed El Rashidi Gym Humanities and Social Sciences Conference and Visitor Center, Room P07 School of Humanities and Social Sciences
5 - 7 pm Rugby Court Global Affairs and Public Policy Mohamed Shafik Gabr Lecture Hall, Room P08 School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
 7 - 11 pm Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Football and Track Stadium Centennial Commencement Bassily Auditorium 

Centennial Commencement



Q: When is commencement?

A: June 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm.


Q: Where is commencement?

A: In the Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Football and Track Stadium. The stadium gate will open at 6:00 pm.


Q: What is the schedule for the day's events?

A: 6:00 pm: Gate opens to Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Football and Track Stadium

7:30 pm: Faculty and administrators processional

7:45 – 8:15 pm: Student processional

8:30 – 9:30 pm: Centennial commencement

9:30 pm: Faculty and administrators recessional

9:45 – 10:30 pm: Music entertainment


Q: Where can I get my tickets?

A: Tickets will be distributed to graduates during their rehearsal ceremonies on June 18 and 19, as well as from 4 - 7 pm starting June 16 and ending on June 19. Graduates are required to present their national ID card, passport or AUC ID to receive the tickets. No one is permitted to pick up anyone else's tickets. Tickets will not be distributed on the day of commencement. For more on rehearsal schedules, go here.


Q: Where do I park/enter?

A: Each graduate will be provided with one parking ticket. You should enter the campus either through Gate 2 or Gate 5.

Gate 2 is located on South Teseen Street, and Gate 5 is located on AUC Avenue in front of Point 90.

Faculty staff and alumni can use either:

  • Gate 1, visitors parking and Portal Entrance

  • Gate 3, parking A and Pepsi Entrance or Sports Entrance

AUC undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Gate 2, parking J (100 parking slots) garden entrance

Graduating class, their families and friends:

  • Gate 2, parking I, J, K, and L, then take a shuttle bus to East Entrance

  • Gate 5, parking H, G, F, E, D, C and B, then take a shuttle bus to Pepsi Entrance or Sports Entrance

Students of the School of Continuing Education as well as Engineering and Science Services:

  • Gate 5 on foot (no parking on campus)

External commencement organizers:

  • Gate 3, parking A and Pepsi or Sports


  • Gate 1 on foot (no parking on campus)

Daycare Users:

  • Gate 5 and Pepsi Entrance in the morning to drop off the kids. In the afternoon to pick up the kids, they will be using Gate 5 and Bus Terminal Entrance


  • Gate 1


  • Gate 2

Assistance requested guests and their families:

  • Gate 4, Parking A and Habtoor Entrance or Pepsi Entrance


Q: What should I bring with me for commencement?

A: Make sure to bring your tickets with you to the ceremony. You will not be able to enter the gates without one.

There will be food outlets available around the ceremony venue before the ceremony begins. However, bringing some water is always advisable. These outlets will not be accessible once the ceremony has started.


Q: What can’t I bring with me for commencement?

A: Please note that any noisemakers, balloons, signs and other items that block the view of others or cause disruption to the ceremony will not be allowed past the security entrances. Food and beverages (except water) are prohibited in the seating area of the commencement venue.


Q: Any important rules to be aware of?

A: Note that children 7 years of age and older are permitted to enter if they have a ticket. Children cannot enter without a ticket of their own. Out of respect for the occasion and the other guests, children under 7 years of age are not permitted entrance.

Children must also be accompanied at all times by a ticketed adult.


Q: Who should I reach out to if I have a guest with disabilities?

A: If you have a guest attending commencement who requires special assistance, please email the Office of Medical Services at medicalserv@aucegypt.edu. The office will inform you of the special arrangements for you and your guests. Today is the deadline to submit all requests.

If you have any further queries, please check this webpage or email vpstudentlife@aucegypt.edu.