AUC Press Donates Egyptology Books to Local, Global Institutions

The American University in Cairo Press (AUC) Press has recently made substantial book donations to numerous institutions and foundations in Egypt, demonstrating its engagement with the archeological community throughout Egypt and at the international level.“We were particularly pleased, in this round of donations, to be able to send 25 full sets of selected books to the Shafik Gabr Foundation for distribution to schools around Cairo. We hope that this may help, in some small way, to inspire students to join the next generation of Egyptian archaeologists," shared Nigel Fletcher-Jones, director of AUC Press. In addition to these donations, 17 sets were sent to the Ministry of Antiquities for their libraries and for the use of staff and inspectors, one set was sent to the library of the The ban Mapping Project in Luxor and one set was sent to the Amarna Project library in Tell el-Amarna. In addition to its local impact within Egypt, AUC Press maintains connections to international organizations as well. “We also recently sent sets to libraries and staff at international institutions such as the Institute Français d'Archéologie Orientale (IFAO), Deutsche Archäologische Institut Kairo, Nederlands-VlaamsInstituut Cairo, Egypt Exploration Society and the Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut Kairo,” Fletcher-Jones added. “The donations to international archaeological institutions are part of a wider outreach effort by AUC Press based on our commitment to enhance global communication in Egyptology and Egyptian archeology,” explained Fletcher-Jones. AUC Press has developed close ties with international institutions, donating sets and featuring works in the Tahrir bookstore such as IFAO’s publications. These outreach efforts have widened opportunities to foster closer collaborations with global institutions. “We are working with IFAO, planning new co-publication and production opportunities,” said Fletcher-Jones. “We hope to expand this approach to more international institutions in the near future." He added, “AUC Press has an excellent international record of publishing in Egyptology and Egyptian archeology, and we are very happy to be able to donate books, from time to time, to our friends and colleagues at a number of international archeological institutes in Cairo, archeological projects elsewhere in Egypt and to the Ministry of Antiquities.”

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