Routine Service

Repair and Maintenance Information and Form

Most repair and maintenance work is carried out by AUC housing personnel and coordinated by the Office of Faculty Housing, located in Parcel 17, room P029.

During their stay on the premises, AUC tenants will always contact the housing office for any repairs, maintenance, re-arrangement of furniture, or any additional items to be replaced or supplied by the faculty housing. The tenants should specify in detail the work required of the office while giving time for the task to be done. 

Comply with the procedures outlined below when requesting maintenance work. Because of the large number of requests received, it is important that they are made in writing and by email, except in case of an emergency.

  1. Make requests by filling Service Request online form or sending an email to or by filling out and emailing the following offline form Housing Repair Request form. 
  2. No job orders are to be requested nor they will be accepted via the household helper unless the tenant is out of the country.
  3. Be as specific as possible in describing the problem.
  4. Job orders should be requested at least one working day before the job is needed (unless it is an emergency). If you cannot be present, arrange to have someone present in the apartment during the work.
  5. If it is necessary to change an appointment, the housing office or the AUC tenant should notify the other party in advance.
  6. Note that the majority of the workmen speak little or no English, so do not expect them to understand additional instructions not originally requested in the form.
  7. When the job is done, the AUC tenant should sign the written job order to indicate that the workmen were there and the work is done.


As part of the Office of Faculty Housing's efforts to make tenants' lives easier, a service is offered to tenants who face difficulties in scheduling appointments during working hours. This service includes scheduling repair requests after working hours and over the weekends. Requests should be sent to ; confirmation of request should be received from the Housing Office immediately. Every effort will be made to fulfill requests within 48 hours unless equipment needs to be ordered which may take longer.