Procedures for Departing Faculty

AUC tenants will advise the Office of Faculty Housing, at the earliest possible opportunity, of any intention to vacate University housing, with no less than one month written notice of the date on which they will vacate the premises.

Before the departure of AUC tenants, the following procedures are taken:

  1. The AUC tenant should settle any outstanding payments for ADSL, mobile, international calls. 
  2. In the last month of tenancy, the amount of the rent will be prorated
  3. Upon vacating the apartment, the tenant name will be moved automatically from any Housing waiting list for the residents in the Faculty Housing to the waiting list of the non-residents in the Faculty Housing (priority is given to the residents)
  4. If the AUC tenant decides to sell any of his/her used items to anyone and would leave this item to be picked up after departure from the apartment, the Housing Office should be notified via email stating in the email the item, name of the purchaser and his/her contacts. In addition, the name of the purchaser should be written on the item. The Faculty Housing Office will not be responsible for any items left in the apartment without any notification.
  5. If the departing faculty member has not subscribed to the ADSL through the Housing Office, he/she must cancel the ADSL service, settle all bills and hand over the splitter and router or modem to the ADSL provider (if rented) before departing. The Housing Office must notify the cancellation number by sending the cancellation number by email to
  6. The AUC tenant will contact the Faculty Housing Office to set an appointment to inspect the apartment and the check-out inventory list of assets and materials.
  7. After inspection and check-out inventory, the Faculty Housing Office representative will receive a copy of the main door key. In the case of AUC New Cairo Faculty Housing apartments, tenants who already have activated AUC ID access to the apartments are kindly requested to visit the Security Office to deactivate the apartment access on the date of inspection.
  8. AUC tenants will be responsible for all costs and charges as determined by the AUC estimated cost. AUC will bill the AUC tenant or may deduct such amounts from compensation due to the AUC tenants in the following cases:
    • Damages or losses in inventory items
    • Damage that required excessive/substantial cleaning revealed in the check-out inspection
    • Damage to University housing resulting from a violation of any AUC rules
  9. The Faculty Housing office representative will sign the clearance of the departing AUC tenant after settling all the due amounts.
  10. All main door keys should be left in the apartment when the AUC tenant departs. In the case of AUC New Cairo Housing, all key cards should be left in the apartment on the date of departure.