Faculty Move Procedures

  1. For faculty members hired starting the academic year 2011 - 2012, the new monthly rent will be applied on the month of the move if the move took place during the first half of the month (1-15). If the move took place during the second half of the month, the new monthly rent will be applied the month following the move
  2. The moving coordinator, Nader Fangari, will contact the moving faculty member to set the date of the move
  3. If it is necessary to change the set date, the Office of Faculty Housing or the moving faculty member should notify the other party in advance by email. Faculty housing contacts can be checked below
  4. Upon request, the housing office supplies tape and about 25 packing boxes, which must be returned later
  5. The moving faculty member must pack his or her personal effects, in addition to the items listed here, unless he or she is moving from/to New Cairo faculty housing, as the apartments contain these items. Faculty members moving from New Cairo apartment to New Cairo faculty housing must pack the items listed above
  6. All faculty members moving to New Cairo faculty housing will be charged rent according to the number of bedrooms in the apartment. For annual rental fees, click here. The rent excludes utilities, which will be charged upon actual consumption
  7. The tenant’s owned items of high value or which require specialized handling will be the tenant's responsibility and at their expense.
  8. The housing office does not provide packers nor pays for them
  9. Tenants may not relocate AUC furniture from one apartment to another without prior approval from the housing office. If approved, the inventory list of both locations will be updated accordingly
  10. If the moving faculty member is not subscribed to ADSL through the housing office, he or she must cancel the ADSL service, settle all bills and hand over the splitter and router or modem to the ADSL provider (if rented) before moving. The housing office (Housing@aucegypt.edu) must be notified of the cancellation number

On the day of the move:

  • The moving captain must receive the old apartment main door keys from the moving faculty member
  • The moving captain will inspect the old and the new AUC apartments and check the inventory of assets in both apartments with the moving faculty member, who signs both inventories

Note: Items like the telephone sets, curtains, table lamps, transformer and emergency lights must not be moved to the new apartment.

Office of Faculty Housing email: Housing@aucegypt.edu