Emergency Service

The University will deal with emergency problems on a top priority basis, but there may be times or circumstances that make immediate response impossible. Observe the following guidelines:

1. Sunday to Thursday (8:30 - 4:00 pm) 

Call the Helpdesk at 20.2.2615.2222 

2. For any emergency outside normal office hours, during weekends, or on holidays.

Call one of these mobile phone numbers in the order listed below. If you cannot reach any of them, call the AUC switchboard operator at 19282 and explain the problem.

  • Housing supervisor (010.0007.5707) 
  • Housing assistant (012.7000.1635)
  • Housing director (012.2214.5710)

Occasionally, there are disruptions in the water supply, telephone lines or electrical failures that AUC has no control over that. These can last from an hour or so to a day or more. It is therefore advisable to have on hand at all times an ample supply of water and candles or battery-operated flashlights. Those who use bottled gas also should have an extra tank in reserve.