Annual Faculty Report (AFR) Procedures

Phase Outlines

Phase 1: Anytime until February 15

  • Faculty enters 2022 calendar year activities to E.Repertoire
  • Courses and course data updated from Banner self-service
  • Corrections to SAP and Banner data as noted by faculty members
  • Send corrections by email 

Phase 2: Begins February 15

  • The department chair runs and reviews the Annual Faculty Report (AFR) directly from E.Repertoire for the faculty in his/her department only
  • The department chair completes the evaluation and recommendation for step increase on E.Repertoire
  • The faculty member reviews the evaluation and discusses it with the department chair, if needed
  • The faculty member or department chair can run an updated AFR which will now include the chair's evaluation and any faculty comments – the chair cannot change faculty comments

Phase 3: Begins March 15

  • Dean reviews faculty AFR output including department chair evaluation, a recommendation for step increase and any faculty comments directly from his/her school only
  • Dean completes evaluation and recommendation for step increase in E.Repertoire
  • Faculty member reviews the evaluation and may initiate an appeal process
  • Faculty members, chairs or deans can run updated AFR output which will now include the dean’s evaluation

Phase 4: Begins April 15

  • Provost reviews faculty AFR output including all evaluations and any faculty comments
  • Provost runs reports for step increase recommendations to use for salary setting, if applicable

*If the deadline happens to be a holiday or a weekend, the deadline will shift to the following working day.