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E-Repertoire For Faculty

E-Repertoire is a web-based tool that is supported by digital measures and customized to meet AUC needs. It is the faculty's activities database that enables the online process of Annual Faculty Report (AFR) and serves as a historical storage source for faculty activity for personal reporting and tracking purposes. Faculty members add their annual reporting data to E-Repertoire. AFR guidelines document lists the AFR process and the data that should be added. Read more about the AFR phases here. For a walk-through for the tool, you can review this useful guide.

Additional information is also provided about how to Import List of Publications and how to Customize your CV, how to use the Compare and Merge feature to quickly resolve duplicates, how to Add/Edit Records within Self-Service Reporting, and how to Streamline Data Entry with CV Import. For instructions for using Faculty Leave Online Software, click here.

Login Instructions

  1. We recommend using the most recent version of the following browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft edge.
  2. To avoid multiple login requests, make sure to log in to E-Repertoire through your computer's default browser. 
  3. To easily access the embedded links in the report (Word or PDF version): It is advised to keep your account open on your default browser before trying to access any links provided in the downloaded reports on your desktop.
 Submission by the faculty member to the chair or director*February 15
 Submission by the chair or director to the dean*March 15
 Submission by the dean to the provost*April 15

*If the deadline happens to be a holiday or a weekend, the deadline will shift to the following working day.