Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Software and Hardware Lists

1. Windows Screen magnification Solution “Fusion”

It is for screen magnification and visual enhancements for screen viewing ease, powered with the Job Access with Screen (JAWS) for screen reading functionality. Fusion gives you access to both ZoomText screen magnifier and JAWS screen reader individually, or together when run as the combined solution.

2. Windows Screen Magnification (ZoomText)

A powerful screen magnifier solution that enlarges the data shown on the monitor to 16 times the screen size; this helps students with low vision to read what is written on the screen with the best quality and performance.

3. Document Scanning and Conversion (Kurzweil 1000)

Kurzweil 1000 is a software connected to a specialized scanner that helps scan documents using Optical Character Recognition technology. This technology extracts all content, text, images and charts into a digitized format. Kurzweil also converts scanned documents into Braille format ready for Braille printing.

4. Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a specialized software that helps convert speech to text. This service is available for students with mobility and hearing impairments.

1. VP Max Braille Embossing:

Braille printing for images to be more touchable with tactile graphics technology, Braille tactile embossing technology is mainly for helping visually impaired students in the science courses.

2. Braille Note-Touch tablet and Notetaker (For renting)

A portable Braille tablet and note-taker with speech recognition capabilities, supported by the Android Oreo platform, allows the visually impaired student to take notes in class and internet browsing.

3. BrailleSense 6 (For renting)

The BrailleSense 6 is a portable Braille notetaker with speech, designed with the fastest hardware and powered by Android 10.

4. CloverBook Pro Video Magnifier (For renting)

CloverBook Pro is a portable video magnifier with a built-in Optical Character Recognition engine will auto recognize the context with various languages with user-preferred page size, and speak aloud with a natural voice generated by the Text to Speech engine.

5. Victor Reader Stream (for renting): Instead of 3 Mp3 Voice Recorder

The Victor Reader Stream is a handheld audio player that lets you listen to books, newspapers, web radio, music, and other online resources.