Last updated | December 22, 2022

Information Security

Important Announcements

Information Security Awareness

Delivering awareness to The American University in Cairo (AUC) community focusing on faculty, staff, and students to keep them aware of new attacks, personal defense techniques, and how to protect AUC from the growing cyber offenses.

Business Continuity Program

Leading the plan formulation to ultimately protect AUC assets and keep AUC business running with minimal acceptable interruptions.

Digital Forensics and Investigations

Handling investigations related to digital-related incidents. If you want to report an incident, kindly open a ticket by sending an email to IT support or information security.

Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response

Monitoring threats and attacks on AUC continuously, responding to alerts and incidents.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Managing vulnerability and patch management activities to ensure the optimum and acceptable level of protection on assets.

Risk Assessment and Consulting

Providing consultation and assessment to assess AUC assets and solutions in order to provide the best security controls and deliver a clear security state to stakeholders.

Security Controls Management

Leading information security controls management, tuning, and configuring controls to achieve collectively the optimum results.


IBM® BigFix is a suite of products that provides a fast and intuitive solution for support and security management and allows organizations to run physical and virtual support sessions through a unified channel.

Bigfix solution tasks include patch updates to windows, Mac OS, and software, system security management, remote desktop support, and software deployment.

It also collects security reports from managed computers. The collected data does not include any direct personal identifiers (email, calendar events, contacts, personal files) from your laptop or desktop computer. You can find detailed information about retrieved data on the BigFix retrieved properties list.

Cofense Phishing Emails' Reporter

Emails are the number one tool used by hackers in attacks, therefore reporting and verifying any suspicious email is crucial. Accordingly, we are glad to announce a new feature button on your AUC email and Microsoft Outlook to allow you to report suspicious emails to the information security team. This tool is called Cofense Reporter.

Important Announcements

June 2, 2022

Secure AUC: Importance of Continuous Software Update

As cyber threats become more affecting our lives and AUC business, the Information Security Office will keep alerting you whenever something pressing appears that needs your awareness and action. Read More

December 22, 2021

Log4J Vulnerability Action with Hardware/Software Vendors

Log4j vulnerability is named the worst vulnerability in the last 10 years, this name is real because the vulnerability can be embedded in any software, program, service or hardware that we use. Read More

December 16, 2021

Print with Caution and Keep AUC Secure

Be alert and cautious while printing confidential information. Remember, we are all responsible for securing AUC information as well as ours. Read More