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Vaccine Status

AUC is planning to return to a full face-to-face mode of instruction for Fall 2021. In our continued commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of our community, all those who access the campus or University housing must be vaccinated or have an authorized medical exemption. The form to submit your vaccination status or request a medical exemption is now available here.

Important Notes:

  • This online form is for AUC students, staff and faculty (including TAs and RAs) with a valid AUC email address only.   
  • Staff members who may require assistance will be able to bring their vaccination certificate for assistance in uploading it to the form at the Library Plaza P017 Lab from 10am to 1pm, on Sundays and Tuesdays, starting on July 6 and through July.   
  • All students, faculty or staff who have completed either one or both doses of the vaccine must log onto the form to upload a copy of their vaccine certificate. Upon review, you will be notified of your status regarding access to campus for Fall 2021. Allow up to six business days to receive a confirmation email.   
  • All students, faculty or staff who have a medical exemption from your doctor must log onto the form to upload a note from their doctor stating that they have a medical exemption from taking the vaccine. Upon review, you will be notified of your status regarding access to campus in Fall 2021. Allow up to six business days to receive a confirmation email.  
  • All current or incoming students who are below 18 years of age need to do nothing. You will automatically be granted access to the campus.  
  • If you have registered for the vaccine, but have not yet received the first dose, please do not log onto the form and do not submit anything at this time. Once you have received your first dose, you should then log on and submit your vaccination certificate at that point. 

How to Submit Vaccination Status?

  • Sign in using your AUC username and password

  • Fill in all necessary files

  • Upload your vaccination document or vaccine exemption document

  • Click 'submit'

  • Receive your confirmation email within six days

Submit Your Vaccination Status Here
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Who is required to submit a form?

  • All who have completed one or both doses of the vaccine 

  • All who have a medical exemption document

Check Vaccination FAQ


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Monitor your emails for the Back to Campus bulletin and our coronavirus website for additional information.