Mail Services

Mail services require a thorough knowledge of postal service regulations, rates, services, and operations, hence, mail operations are executed through highly trained staff and a timed plan to meet the needs of AUC customers. 

Mail Services Process

Service hours: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Delivery and pickup services: Twice a day through two mail rounds at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Last couriers' request placement time for same-day collection 2:00 pm for early courier pickup at 3:00 pm.

Who we serve?

AUC departments

Mail Types (in/out)

By hand (out only for AUC official correspondence)
Shipments of all sorts (domestic/international)


Contracted Courier Services (three of benchmark companies in Egypt)



Mail Services Locations/Contacts

Mail main sorting office: Physical Plant, G032, ext. 4372,  contact Ashraf Hebish (supervisor)

Mail customer service office: Campus Center, P020, ext. 2775 - 4148,  contact Sami A.Wahab (associate director)

Tahrir Square Campus: Main building, ext. 6030

Items to be excluded from using the inter-office/business mail  

  • Communications of a personal nature
  • Advertisements that are not official university business
  • Announcements relative to the sale of personal property
  • Holiday greetings, and political campaign notices
  • Announcements, catalogs, sale notices from companies or individuals

Courier Service Regulations

  • Liquids have some restrictions (data/safety sheet)
  • Precious items are prohibited (money, gold and diamond)
  • Country regulations differs (food and medication)

Outgoing Mail Preparations

  • Properly Sealed
  • Bundled by destination
  • Transparent envelopes for printed materials
  • Intercampus mail must be contained inside the especially designed envelope


Mailing Address (mandatory) to grantee proper delivery to your mail:

AUC New Cairo Campus

Dr. Sharawi School of Sciences and Engineering
The American University in Cairo
AUC Avenue P.O. Box 74 New Cairo 11835 Egypt

Tahrir Square Campus

Dr. Sharawi Department name
The American University in Cairo
113 Kasr El-Ainin Street P.O. Box 2511 Cairo 11511 Egypt