ID, ID card, IDs

  • ID is an established acronym that does not need an explanation.
  • Capitalize and do not put spaces or periods.
  • Do not capitalize card in ID card.


  • Stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS is acceptable in all references.


  • Breaking of the fast in Ramadan. 


  • Lowercase when describing the leader of a prayer in a Muslim mosque. Capitalize before a name when used as the formal title for a Muslim leader or ruler.

in, into

  • In indicates location: He was in the room. Into indicates motion: She walked into the room.



  • Abbreviate and capitalize as Inc. when used as a part of a corporate name. Do not set off with commas: Delicious Inc.

independent syndicate

  • Lowercase in reference to AUC's independent syndicate.

Indiscreet (adj.), indiscretion (n.), indiscrete (adj.), indiscreteness (n.)

  • Indiscreet means lacking prudence; its noun form is indiscretion. Indiscrete means not separated into distinct parts.

indoor (adj.), indoors (adv.)

  • It is an indoor swimming pool. He went indoors.


  • Generally, no hyphen: infrared, infrastructure.

initials with names

  • Use periods and do not leave a space when an individual uses initials instead of a first name: E.H. Valsan.
  • Do not write a name with a single initial unless it is the individual’s preference or the first name is not known: C. David Welch.

inquire, inquiry

  • Not enquire, enquiry.

Islamism, Islamist


  • Instructor in, not of.

inter-, intra-

  • Generally, do not hyphenate words with inter- or intra- as a prefix.
  • Check The American Heritage Dictionary. If not listed, hyphenate.
  • See prefixes.


  • One word; no hyphen.


  • Lowercase except when it marks the beginning of a sentence: The students met with interim Dean John Smith.


  • The net is also acceptable.


  • Do not italicize.

iPad, iPhone, iPod

  • Lowercase i, except at the beginning of sentences: IPad, IPhone and IPod.

Islam, Islamic

  • Islam refers to the religion; Islamic is used as an adjective: He was interested in the study of Islam. She was fascinated by the Islamic art and architecture in Spain.
  • Always capitalize both.

Islamic terms and holidays

  • Eid Al-Adha (capitalize, no italics).
  • Eid Al-Fitr (capitalize, no italics).
  • halal (no italics, do not capitalize).
  • iftar (do not capitalize, no italics).
  • Muslim (capitalize, avoid other spellings).
  • Quran (capitalize, no italics, avoid other spellings).
  • Ramadan (capitalize, no italics).
  • sharia (do not capitalize, no italics, avoid other spellings).


  • Abbreviation for information technology. IT is acceptable in all references.

Ivy League

  • Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.
  • Always capitalize.