• Italicize.

games, athletics

  • When pairing the names of two competing schools, use a hyphen: This Tuesday’s AUC-MIU game was challenging.


  • Use figures in reference to campus gates: Gate 4, Gate 2.


  • Be as nonspecific as possible:
    • Chair, not chairman or chairwoman.
    • Spokesperson, not spokesman or spokeswoman.
    • Sales representative, not salesman or saleswoman.
    • Business entrepreneur, not businessman or businesswoman.
  • See Nondiscriminatory Language.

General Assembly

  • Capitalize in reference to the United Nations General Assembly.

general manager

  • Capitalize only as a formal title before a name.

geographical terms and names

  • Use The American Heritage Dictionary as a source for the spelling of geographical names. If there is more than one spelling for one entry, use the first spelling.
  • Capitalize geographical terms commonly accepted as proper names: Sacramento Valley, Silicon Valley, Far East.
  • See directions.

getaway (n.)

get-together (n.)


  • Use woman to refer to a female 18 years or older.

global warming, climate change

  • Both are acceptable. Climate change is more accurate scientifically; global warming is a more common term that is widely understood.

Global South

  • Nations of Africa, Central and Latin America, and most of Asia. Capitalize.


  • Stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT is acceptable in all references.

Goldman Sachs

  • Headquarters in New York. Program at AUC: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program.


  • A trademark for a web search engine. Google, Googling and Googled are used informally as verbs for searching for information on the internet.


  • Lowercase; do not abbreviate: the Egyptian government. Capitalize governmental bodies that are part of a proper name: the Ministry of Interior.


  • Click here for a complete list of Egyptian governorates and their correct spelling.

GPA, GPAs, grade point average

  • Acceptable in all references for grade point average.
  • Use grade point average on first reference and GPA without periods on second reference.
  • Plural is GPAs, with no apostrophe: GPAs in the electronics engineering department are high.


  • Acceptable in all references to Global Positioning System.

grade, grader

  • Hyphenate the noun and adjective forms: He is a 12th-grader. He is a fifth-grade student.


  • Capitalize letter grades, with no quotation marks and not italicized: He got an A in the course.
  • When referring to more than one letter grade, add an s with an apostrophe: He got two B’s and three C’s this semester.
  • The plural form could also be written as grades of C and D.

graduate (v.), (n.)

  • (v.): He graduated from AUC. (n.): reference to an alumna/almnus of a university and should not be confused with graduate student, which refers to a student seeking a master's degree.

graduate assistant

  • Lowercase. Use GA without periods on second reference (plural GAs).

gray, grey

  • Use gray, not grey, in reference to the color.


  • GRE is acceptable in all references.
  • Always use the official name on first reference: Graduate Record Examination.
  • Use GRE without periods on second reference.

ground zero


  • One word, no hyphen.  

Gulf Cooperation Council

  • Refers to the Arab Gulf regional bloc that is comprised of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Use GCC on second reference.