News@AUC Guidelines

NewsAtAUC is an e-newsletter that includes important University news and updates and highlights community achievements and research, both on and off campus. The newsletter is sent to students, faculty, staff, trustees, parents, alumni, donors, subscribers and friends of the University.

NewsAtAUC also sends a Daily Bulletin to students, faculty and staff. The Daily Bulletin is made up of important announcements and school, departmental and community updates. There are basic guidelines for submitting announcements to appear in the Daily Bulletin. 


Story Guidelines for NewsAtAUC 

  • The main stories that appear in the NewsAtAUC newsletter are chosen by the editorial board in the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs.

  • Any office or department may suggest a story, but all final decisions on the story, including when it is published, are made by the editorial board. NewsAtAUC retains the right to not run a story at any time.
  • NewsAtAUC stories are accompanied by pictures. The pictures should be horizontal, if possible, and should be of high quality.


Announcements in the Daily Bulletin

  • Announcements are deadlines, news, updates and achievements that are relevant to the AUC community. 
  • Any event taking place is NOT considered an announcement and should be submitted through AUC Connect
  • Announcements will appear in the Daily Bulletin within five working days since submission, as long as all the information needed is provided. 
  • Announcements fall into three categories: News You Can Use, #MakingAUCProud and Deadlines Not to Miss. Announcements are subject to editorial board review to determine if they fit those categories.
    • #MakingAUCProud: Accomplishments such as awards, national and international recognitions, and major milestones
    • News You Can Use: News and updates
    • Deadlines Not to Miss: Application and registration deadlines
  • Items not classified as announcements: speaking in a webinar, participating in a conference or workshop, publishing a journal article, giving a lecture, courses for students 
  • Announcements may be posted until a deadline comes into effect. 
  • Some offices and departments request that announcements reappear in the Bulletin. The editorial board determines how often and when announcements will be posted.
  • Announcements appear on the University website. They must be in paragraph form, written in a professional manner and must abide by the University's Editorial Style Guide. The announcement title cannot include acronyms and must be short and to the point. The announcement body must include all relevant information, including links where needed and photos. 



  • Events appear in the weekly HappeningAtAUC newsletter, which is sent out to students, faculty, staff, trustees, parents, alumni, donors, subscribers and friends of the University at the end of each week.
  • Events must be submitted through AUC Connect and will appear on the calendar through that channel. This manual is a step-by-step guide on how to use AUC Connect.
  • Events will appear in the HappeningAtAUC newsletter as long as they are submitted to AUC Connect before Wednesday at 2 pm.
  • Changes will only be made to announcements and event submissions for readability, spelling, and grammar.