Design and Editorial

As the University’s in-house creative team, the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs offers one-stop production for print and web communications that effectively convey the University brand.

The office defines and promotes the editorial and graphic standards of AUC publications and helps clients create, update or reprint promotional material.

To order a publication, you need to submit Publications Request Form, or send an email to or call ext. 2398 for assistance. For website requests, you need to submit the Website Services Form,

A. General Publications Creation Steps

  1. Fill out and submit the Publications Request Form and attach the final text in a Word document. For any Arabic text, attach an RTF (Rich Text Format) file. For specific instructions or additional details, include them in the notes of the online form
  2. You will receive an email with an estimated delivery date of the project’s first PDF. Note that this date is for receiving the first PDF file
  3. The project will be edited, designed and a PDF of the project will be sent to the contact person, who can then review, make changes and approve. Any changes can be sent back to the publications unit by email or in a clearly marked hard copy
  4. For reprint jobs, send a hard copy sample
  5. To proceed with printing, the publications unit requires:
  • Signed hard copy        
  • Previously printed publication (if available)
  • Online Job Order Form (only for business cards, A4 flyers, and A3 posters)
  • SAP purchasing requisition number (required for all other projects)

B. Publications Process

Certificates, e-vites, and e-cards: 

  • The client is entitled to one round of changes within three working days upon receiving the first pdf
  • Changes are implemented within one working day

Eflyer, poster, tripod, glass display, updating recurring e-newsletter, roll up, banner, sandwich board, covers only, black and white newspaper ads, web banner and forms (1 - 2 pages):

  • The client is entitled to one round of changes within five working days upon receiving the first pdf
  • Changes are implemented within two working days

Brochure 4 - 6 pages, website design, form (2 - 4 pages) and event/memorial program:

  • The client is entitled to two rounds of changes within seven working days upon receiving the first pdf
  • Changes are implemented within four working days

Bookmark and colored ad:

  • The client is entitled to one round of changes within five working days upon receiving the first pdf
  • Changes are implemented within three working days

Brochures (8+ pages), handbooks, applications, and new e-newsletter design:

  • The client is entitled to two rounds of text edits within five working days upon receiving the edited Word file
  • The client is entitled to two additional rounds of design changes within five working days upon receiving the first pdf
  • Changes are implemented within five working days

Updated Deadlines:

  • Deadlines are divided into two phases: text edits and design. The design deadline is only set upon the client’s approval of the edited text
  • Clients who fail to respond with feedback within the designated time are subjected to a new project deadline
  • If the same client repeatedly fails to respond within the designated time, further action will be taken


C. Estimated Delivery Deadlines

Project Type First PDF Client Expected Feedback First Round Client Expected Feedback Second Round Client Expected Feedback Total Days per Project
E-vite 3 Days  2 Days  3 Days  2 Days      10
Flyer/Eflyer 7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Poster  7 Days  2 Days 7 Days 2 Days      18
Roller up Banner 7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Tripod Banner  7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Bridge Banner  7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Sandwich Board Banner  7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Balck and White Print Ad 7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days      18
Web Banner  7 days 2 Days 7 Days 2 Days     18
Screen Ad  7 Days 2 Days 7 Days  2 Days     18
Cover Design 7 Days 2 Days 7 Days 2 Days     18
Bookmark   9 Days  2 Days  9 Days   2 Days     22
Social Media Posts  7 Days  2 Days 7 Days  2 Days     18
Certificate   3 Days  2 Days  3 Days  2 Days     10
Greeting Card 3 Days 2 Days 3 Days 2 Days     10
Program  9 Days  2 Days  9 Days   2 Days 4 1 27
Full-Color Ad 9 Days  2 Days 9 Days  2 Days 4 1 27
Form 1-2 Pages  7 Days  2 Days  7 Days  2 Days  3 1 22
Form 2-4 Pages  9 Days  2 Days  9 Days  2 Days  3 3 26
Form 4+ Pages  13 Days  2 Days  13 Days  2 Days  4 1 35
Brochure 4-6 Pages  14 Days  4 Days  14 Days  4 Days  5 2 43
Brochure 8-16 Pages  22 Days  6 Days  22 Days  6 Days  7 3 66
Brochure 20+ Pages  30 Days  10 Days  20 Days  5 Days  10 3 78
Newsletters 16 Days  2 Days  8 Days  2 Days  4 1 33

* For projects larger than 16 pages, deadlines are handled on a case-by-case basis, with a maximum of 35 working days.
* If there is a project composed of three or more elements, deadlines may be adjusted. 
* The estimates are in working days, excluding weekends and holidays. 
* For project updates, more than an A4 page of text changes will be considered a new project.
* Deadlines may be adjusted during busy periods.

D.    Estimated Costs

The costs are estimates, not the exact cost for each project. All prices, which are meant to serve as a guide, are in Egyptian pounds and are subject to change.

Item  The cost in Estimate Per Quantity



 Business card (English only) 150 cards: 60
250 cards: 100
 200  400
 Business card (English and Arabic) 150 cards: 120
250 cards: 200
 400 800
 Letterhead  NA  275 330
 Invitations (one side only 11 x 14 cm)  136 540 770
 Invitations (front and back 11x14 cm)  270  700 950
 A5 flyer (front only)
A4 flyer (front only)
 A5 flyer (front and back)
A4 flyer (front and back)
 A3 poster 650  1,200  1,600
 4-page brochure (A5 size) 625  1,100  1,400
 4-page brochure (A4 size) 1,250  1,500  1,900
 6-page brochure (10 x 21 cm tall) 625  1,250  1,900
 8-page brochure (A5 size) 850  1,200  1,600
 8-page brochure (A4 size) 1,700  2,100  2,700
 Glass Display Posters (90 x 60 cm) 1 poster: 55  NA  NA
 Bridge Banner (2 x 2 m) 1 banner: 260  NA  NA
 Roll ups (210 x 85 cm) with stand 1 roll up: 440  NA  NA
 Roll ups (210 x 85 cm) without stand 1 roll up: 300  NA  NA
 Greeting cards NA  800  1,100
 Tripod Banner (1 w x 2 m h) 1 banner: 121  NA  NA
 Sandwich Board (1 w x 1.2 m h) 1 banner: 78  NA  NA


E. AUC Store Stationary

To order envelops, folders, notepads and block notes, pens, standard University-wide forms and paper bags, contact Karam Kilany by email, ext. 4165.

Business Card Orders:

To order a business card, follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Business Card and Letterhead Request Form.
  2. Make sure that the contact person you list is the one responsible for receiving emails, as well as approving and receiving the final printed card
    1. You may either put:
    2. One title and one school/department/office
    3. One title and two schools/departments/offices
    4. Two titles and one school/department/offices
  3. AUC Business card template is designed to have four lines under the name. The maximum number of titles are three and one department
  4. Use only your official AUC job title(s), as approved by the Office of the Provost (faculty) or the Office of Human Resources (staff)
  5. To ensure that the business card is printed, you must fill in the Online Job Order Form

If you have any inquiries, send an email to

General Business Card Guidelines

  • Font sizes and line lengths are standardized
  • Dr. is reserved for medical physicians
  • Up to three academic degrees (without periods) may be placed after the name (PhD, MA, MS, LLM, MBA) but not titles (lawyer, engineer, etc.) or membership in professional associations
  • Only official AUC job title(s) are included
  • Avoid using &. Use “and” instead
  • Use commas instead of slashes (/)
  • The school/department/office must be included, not just units.
  • Avoid acronyms, such as IEEI and CAPS.
  • Only official AUC website or webpages may be included (no social media links)
  • Other guidelines/criteria may apply
  • Email addresses should be lowercased

Note: Business cards are printed only for faculty and staff with full-time contracts.


To receive copies of University images or photographs, send an email to This will take two to four working days.

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B. Fonts
C. Editorial Style Guide
D. AUC Presentation Templates