The writing center will provide specialized workshops for graduates and undergraduates in any department and for any specific subject, class, or assignment. Faculty members should submit a request by emailing at least two weeks before the desired workshop date. Let us know how many students will likely attend the workshop, the nature of the assignment and the assistance desired. The workshop can be during class time or arranged for a different time and location.

The following writing workshops can be tailored to assist both graduate and undergraduate students in the completion of specific types of writing assignments.

Starting a research project can be difficult, especially if you don't know exactly what you need to know about a subject. This workshop will provide some tips and tools for creating a focused research question and effectively planning a research project.

Graduate students are often required to perform primary research—conducting surveys, interviews or field observations. Knowing how to prepare for such research can help students to collect valid, reliable and useful information. This workshop will offer techniques and tips on preparing for these primary research activities.

Once you’ve gathered information for your paper or research project, the work has just begun! To effectively synthesize source material and understand major issues and gaps in the field of investigation, one may write a literature review. In this workshop, we will discuss the essential parts of a literature review and how it can be used to develop the research paper. 

Many of your classes require that you work with sources, which can be a dangerous business if you’re not using sources responsibly. The Academic Integrity Committee has upheld its position regarding plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional. Knowledge about plagiarism and how to avoid it is your best protection. If you’ve been working with academic sources and documentation for many years or have just begun, you should attend this workshop.

Humanities courses require students to use MLA Style when completing written assignments. This workshop will provide an overview of MLA Style guidelines as well as a little practice.

Social science courses require students to use APA Style when completing written assignments. This workshop will provide an overview of APA Style guidelines as well as a little practice

Presenting in front of any group of people can be stressful! The best strategy is to be prepared. Be prepared by learning some good techniques for preparing a PowerPoint presentation and for public speaking. This workshop will give you the opportunity to practice.