Faculty Ambassador Program

As internationalization is one of AUC’s pillars of its strategic plan, the International Program and Services Office (IPSO) realized the importance of capitalizing on the faculty members to connect AUC with international universities. This is an opportunity for AUC faculty members who have connections with peer universities or planning international travel to ultimately, be ambassadors for AUC. Those international visits will create opportunities for AUC faculty to share their knowledge and establish more connections for future collaborations.

Program Objective
The Faculty Ambassadors Program should increase the visibility of our international presence and create meaningful connections worldwide. It should also strengthen existing partnerships, open doors for new collaborations, and foster research, academic, and professional opportunities. Another goal is to encourage students at international universities to attend a semester or two at AUC. The program will also provide international professional development and networking opportunities for the faculty.

Target Audience:

  • Current full time or part-time AUC faculty members
  • Faculty members who received their degrees or have connections with international universities
  • Faculty with strong student engagement
  • Faculty with extensive international travel schedule and existing travel plans that might involve a confirmed presentation or talk with an international audience

Faculty’s Activities:
Ambassador’s activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Positively promoting AUC to prospective international students
  • Presenting a public lecture or talk at a current or potential partner institution
  • Hosting or participating in a reception for local alumni
  • In case of participating in international competitions or conferences, faculty ambassadors, in coordination with accompanying students, will promote AUC among other international students

For more information about the program, email  ipso@aucegypt.edu.