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Political Science - MA

Program Overview

The graduate program in Political Science offers advanced study in the discipline of Political Science, with particular emphasis and specializations in three areas; Comparative Politics; International Relations, and; Development Studies. The Political Science Department values its location in the heart of the Middle East and seeks, through its faculty, courses and activities, to link the discipline of political science to the thriving and complex political realities of Cairo, Egypt and the region.  

Political Science CEMPS program image of female students taking notes in class

Program Objectives

The graduate programs offer students a thorough grounding in the theoretical underpinnings of the political phenomena as well as a deep understanding of political realities in Egypt, the Arab World and the international arena. The programs combine courses aimed at familiarizing students with the knowledge necessary for developing their understanding of these political realities with research seminars that are required for familiarizing students with research methods that they will need to independently analyze complex political phenomena.
Students have the option of pursuing a one-year Graduate Diploma or a Master’s degree in any of the three specializations offered by the Department. In addition to the requirements of each option, students will be able to choose elective courses covering the political topics closest to their interest. They are also encouraged to take up to two relevant courses from other departments and units of AUC. The Department works closely with its students to ensure that their chosen courses correspond to and serve their academic and professional goals.

Degrees and Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue MA in Political Science should meet the minimum academic, language and admission requirements set by AUC.


In addition to the university's fellowships and scholarship opportunities, funding opportunities are particularly relevant to students interested in the MA in Political Science

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