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Economics - MA

Program Overview

The MA program in economics is specifically designed to provide students with a strong theoretical foundation, solid quantitative skills, and the critical thinking tools necessary to succeed in a world-class doctoral program or advance through the ranks of their chosen professions. In addition, the program’s diverse curriculum and distinguished faculty members help prepare students to become ideal candidates for prestigious and challenging jobs in international, government and private institutions. The program opens numerous opportunities for prestigious and creative jobs in research centers and departments, both in government and private institutions. AUC graduates of this program have also made valuable additions to several UN and international development institutions.

Economics Program image of female student discussing information with her group partner in class

Degrees and Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a Master of Arts in Economics should meet the minimum academic and admission requirements set by AUC.


Fellowships are highly competitive awards. They are open to new students and may also be available to continuing graduate students who display superior performance in their academic endeavors, depending on the availability of allocated funds for a given fellowship award.

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