A sample of Community-Based Learning projects is available here.

This semester, ENGR 1001: Introduction to Engineering is working with the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment on three different projects:


1. New Solar Panels Maintenance and Performance: RISE installed solar panels a few months ago and they've been producing power that has been feeding the AUC grid. The panels gather dust over time and may be due for cleaning. The ENGR students will analyze the panels' performance now and then clean them and then reanalyze the performance after cleaning. We will also work to make recommendations for cleaning that improve performance while minimizing water consumption.


2. Old Solar Panels Dismantling and Refurbishing: RISE has a large number of old solar panels that were salvaged from the Sadat City facility. They were not in good condition and were not installed with the new panels. The students will be taking apart the old panels and testing them to determine whether they work or not and if they work what their performance is. Then, based on how many panels are suitable for refurbishing, the class will reuse them to provide power to the greenhouse or whatever source is appropriate for the level of power the panels are able to produce.


3. Hydroponics Tables Installation in Greenhouse: This project involves preparing the greenhouse for the tables, making a list of parts we have, putting a plan for work and installing the tables with an expert from the Netherlands who will be visiting AUC later this semester.