Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Education?
Online education relies on the Internet for teacher/student interactions and for accessing course materials. An online course takes place online instead of a physical classroom and you can access it through your computer or your mobile devices. If it is hard for you to attend classes because of your work schedule or other commitments, if you live far from campus or if you prefer studying at your own pace, online learning may be the right thing for you.

With online education, you can:

  • Get a quality education from AUC without leaving your home community
  • Earn a certificate or diploma without coming to a physical classroom
  • Take classes and still work full-time or attend your family obligations
  • Plan your own study schedule
  • Interact with students from across Egypt and around the world

What are the benefits of online education?

1. Convenience and Flexibility
In a traditional classroom setting, class meeting times are fixed, you are forced to adjust to the University schedule. As an online student, you can plan your study at your convenience without being tied down to a schedule. You can attend classes and still cope with your career obligations and other commitments

2. Personalized Attention
In traditional face-to-face classrooms, you may not get the personalized attention you need for concepts to be clarified. With the help of online guided discussions and personal talk time with your instructors online, you can get the attention you need.

3. Access to Documentation
All the course material and assignments and participation in discussions are recorded and available online at all times. This means that you will be able to access these documents easily, making library trips unnecessary and saving valuable time.

4. Networking Opportunities
Online education also provides you with the chance to network with other students across Egypt, the Mena region and different nations. This often leads to a fulfilling exposure to diverse cultures and people.

How is online learning different from traditional face-to-face learning?

In terms of educational quality, there is no difference. You will have the same educational opportunities in online courses as in your classroom counterparts.
The major difference between online and face-to-face learning is that in a classroom setting, both your instructors and you have to be available in the same place and at the same time while in an online course you have the freedom to work at the time and place that best suits you.

How do I register in an Online Education Course or Program at AUC?
Once you decide which school you want to attend, you reach out to your school via email or phone and request more information. Each program has its own department requirements and approval processes to follow. Most schools offer an application packet with details on how to apply.

What advice would you give me if I consider online education?
Make sure that you have the time and self-discipline to complete your course. Put a little time investment at the beginning to plan and strategize how to use your time efficiently. Most students enrolled in our online programs need to appropriately allocate and budget their time to balance their full-time jobs, family or other personal obligations.

Do I need to be online at any particular time?
Depending on the course you are taking, you might have to participate in web conference sessions. This information will be listed in the syllabus and the description for each course. You will need to contact the program or the school for specific details.

What are the technical requirements for online courses?
You’ll need a computer running Windows or Mac OS and a reliable Internet connection with the latest version of the browser. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari).