Internal Audit Office

The Internal Audit Office is committed to promoting efficient and effective administration in support of the academic mission of the University through excellence in governance, risk management and control. We deliver audit and advisory services to provide confidence that the University is:

  • Following processes that are compliant with policies, laws, regulations and contracts
  • Keeping assets safe
  • Presenting information that is accurate and reliable
  • Managing resources efficiently and economically
  • Adhering to ethical practices

Our services evaluate risks and controls across five categories: safety, operational, behavioral, financial and compliance.

Audit Methodology

Our audit methodology is based on Risk-based internal auditing (RBIA), which links internal auditing to an organization’s overall risk management framework. RBIA allows internal auditing to provide assurance to the board that the management is managing risks effectively in relation to the set risk appetite. Read more

Get Prepared for an Audit

For a smooth and time-efficient audit process, the following guidelines should help you get prepared for an audit. Read more


Annual Book Audit  FY 2018


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Audit Services

Our audit services are primarily based on delivering a robust and efficient audit, focusing on key issues and risks, with an appreciation of the overall environment.

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Advisory Services

Our advisory services support University management in assessing newly-developed and improved processes. Our advice is based on recognized standards, best practices and our experience across AUC.


Out-of-Scope Services

Our role is to deliver audit and advisory services; however, it does not include the following:

  • Developing University Policies
  • Implementing the recommendations of auditees
  • Putting processes and controls in place

Risk Assessment

Risk management promotes awareness and understanding of risk-taking throughout the University. It can inform decision making and enable prioritization of activities and resources based upon risk. It can also help the University, or individual units, identify areas for enhanced controls, process improvement, or other mitigation activities.

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Internal Audit Office
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