Student Senate

The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government. Its main goal is to represent the student body and sponsor dialogue and understanding between the administration, faculty, and students. The Student Senate may consist of a maximum number of 75 senators. Senators are divided among all constituencies of The American University in Cairo to ensure the whole student body's best representation. Senators are elected by students of the constituency they represent, and their term starts from January 1 until December 31. Furthermore, the Student Senate has its duties and powers over other branches of the student government.

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The Legislative Committee

The legislative committee has the power of legislation, taking into account the interests and welfare of the student body as a whole. It is responsible for the AUC student constitution and the student senate by-laws. It creates the electoral code by which any elections are regulated. The role of the legislative committee also includes overseeing the student government’s operations, examining issues that need legislative review, and recommending adequate and responsive solutions. 

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The Monitoring Committee

The main role of the monitoring committee is to monitor the student union and its activities as per the constitution and by-laws. It ensures that the student union abides by the budget plan, commits to deadlines, and regularly updates accounts. The monitoring committee may also act as consultants to the student union. 

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External Affairs Committee

The external affairs committee represents the interest of the student body and other student government stakeholders and ensures their welfare through channeling their problems and concerns in all university committees that affect them. It facilitates communication between the administration, the faculty, and the students. The external affairs committee is also responsible for delivering a comprehensive and well-drafted report of monthly updates through the portal which is to be published in the student union newspaper. 


Public Opinion Committee

The public opinion committee is in charge of all matters related to publicity in the student senate. It has a duty to portray a proper image of the student senate and keep the students engaged through social media content. It familiarizes new students with the responsibilities of the student senate during orientation. The public opinion committee is also responsible for renovating and preserving the student senate lounge. 


The Clubs and Conferences Committee

The Clubs and Conferences Committee (CCC) is in charge of the dispersion of the funds allocated to the non-governing student organizations. The CCC’s duties and responsibilities include establishing criteria for the division of funds, defining the minimum and maximum limits of allocation, setting deadlines for submission of plans for all student leaders, collecting all by-laws, submitting an end-of-semester evaluation report, organizing the biweekly president’s roundtable, and voting on large events from clubs in the same sector. 

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Press Board

The press board committee, also known as the independent press committee, is responsible for dispersing funds to student publications, evaluating existing student publications, and approving newly formed independent student publications.

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Sports Committee

The sports committee has the role of sponsoring dialogue between all sports complex users, AUC athletes, and the Office of Athletics. It should set standards based on the requests of athletes.  

Members of the Student Senate




Ali Elmerewy


Youssef Azab


Youssef Hatem

Business and Entrepreneurship

Jana Abdulrahman


Omar Ashraf

Communication and Media Arts

Abubakr Makhlouf

Construction Engineering

Yassin Aly

Construction Engineering

Marwan El Khazndar

Construction Engineering

Khadiga Iraky

Computer Science and Engineering

Fady Salib

Computer Science and Engineering

Hesham Elalamy

Data Science

Omar El Shazli

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Hassan Mohamed Hassan

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Engi Mahmoud


Abdelaziz Malla

Integrated Marketing Communication

Adham Saadeldin

Mechanical Engineering

John Wahid

Mechanical Engineering

Salah Abdelghany

Mechanical Engineering

Omar Abdelaal

Management of Information and Communication Technology

Omar Hegazy


Salem Abdelmegid

Multimedia Journalism

Youssef Ghoniem

Political Science

Omar Gomaa


Danya Moussa


Youssef Zedan


Weam Salah


Omar Abdelbaky


Moustafa Mansour


Adham Nassar


Mohamed khaled elraffa


Adam El Beblawy


Marwann Abdelmoez


Ahmed Tamer