Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is the highest executive body and authority of the General Assembly. According to its mission, the SU represents, serves, connects and develops diverse student bodies through instigating and organizing different academic and social programs and events. The SU “operates according to the guidelines set by the Permanent Constitution of the General Assembly of the Student Body and is governed by University rules and regulations” (OSD website). The president of the Student Union, in turn, appoints a treasurer, a vice president and other committee heads. 

The SU is divided into several committees. Each year, the new SU is allowed to modify existing committees and create new ones. Each committee recruits members from interested AUC students. The chair of each committee automatically becomes a member of the High Board, which includes the SU’s president and vice president. The High Board has the responsibility of overseeing the assignments of committees.  

The following are some of the basic committees of the SU:
• The Academic Committee: Conveys and defends students’ academic grievances, complaints and/ or suggestions to the administration. 
• The Activities Committee: Organizes OSD-approved student activities such as trips, lectures, concerts and other social events.
• The Services Committee: Communicates student grievances and suggestions regarding the maintenance of any service or any of the University’s facilities. This committee also provides services such as student-run cafeteria and buses. 
For more information on the structure and role of the SU, please refer to the SU Constitution and Bylaws (Appendix 1).




SU Presidents Year  Email   
Ahmed Negm      2000       
Ahmed Alaa El Guindy     2001  
Fadllalla Abowafia 2002      
Wael El Sahhar     2003      
Marwan Al Abbadi     2004      
Walid El Sallab      2005      
Seif Abou Zeid     2006      
Mohamed Yusser 2007      
Mohamed Ali 2008      
Omar Kandil 2009      
Hesham Shafick 2010      
Mohanad Tarek Gomaa 2011      
Ahmed Alaa Fayed 2012      
Taher Farghaly 2013   
Ahmed Atalla 2014   
Nadine Hosny 2015