First Year Program (FYP)


To be the premier First Year Program in Egypt and the region.


To provide students a comprehensive orientation followed by year-long training and guidance to best guarantee their successful completion of the first year.

About the Pre-Semester Orientation

The FYP three-day orientation is a chance for undergraduate first-year and transfer students to familiarize themselves with the culture and components of a liberal arts education at AUC, be exposed to the ways that AUC provides a safe and secure campus for all its community, and make their first important peer friendships. The FYP orientation combines classroom-delivered academic-based activities content and experientially-delivered social activities. Both types of activities are delivered by highly-skilled upperclassmen. Each day covers a theme that highlights a key value or area of knowledge prioritized in the university's mission statement. The final day culminates in an afternoon party with live entertainment. By the end of the three days of activities, new AUC students should understand how to succeed academically, participate in co-curricular life, and grow personally.

The FYP orientation is mandatory for all first-year and transfer students. For those students who are unable to attend, AUC makes alternative arrangements that need to be fulfilled within the first six weeks of the semester.

Year-long Training and Guidance

The FYP runs a range of support sessions and activities throughout the academic year to provide first-year students with multiple opportunities to seek the information and guidance they need to stay on track and complete their year successfully.

Join the Team:

The FYP recruits for FYP Crew through the AUC Portal in mid-June. The FYP recruits for FYP Peer Leaders via the FYP Facebook and Instagram pages in mid-July.