First-Year Program (FYP)

The First-Year Program is a year-long orientation program for new undergraduate students designed to:

  • Facilitate the transition from high school to college life
  • Prepare students for AUC's educational opportunities and student responsibilities
  • Integrate new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social life on campus

The FYP orientation is mandatory for all first-year and transfer students. For those students who are unable to attend, AUC makes alternative arrangements that need to be fulfilled within the first six weeks of the semester.

FYP Pillars

Teamwork Skills

Academics and Development

The academics and development pillar is responsible for easing students into their first-year experience, both academically and through personal development. This is done through projects that develop practical life skills and theoretical learning and allow students to prepare for dealing with the challenges that arise upon transitioning into University.

Improve Critical Thinking


The engagement pillar is responsible for engaging first-year students socially by planning and supervising initiatives that help students to gain a sense of their surrounding community, integrating themselves in it as an essential component in University life.

    • Understand academic regulations and policies.
    • Understand and engage in  the benefits of a Liberal Arts education.
    • Develop study values and habits that support academic success.
    • Students will be able to create a meaningful academic plan that develops student intellectual and professional skills.

    • Engage with others on collaborative projects, productive interactions and shared goals.
    • Develop relationships with community members based on respect and mutual support, including understanding and observing codes of conduct.
    • Students will be able to develop positive relationships that support the sense of belonging and mattering to the AUC community.

    • Demonstrate behaviors that promote emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing - developing strategies for emotional regulation, resilience, balance between academics and other activities.
    • Learn about campus support resources.
    • Students will be able to adopt a positive view of oneself and one’s capacity for success, agency and self-efficacy.

    • Understand one’s role in creating a healthy community for oneself and others.
    • Be proactive in contributing to activities that promote a positive campus climate.
    • Uphold values of inclusion, diversity, integrity and respect.
    • Students will be able to start to develop a sense of loyalty and responsibility toward AUC and its community members.

  • Who are Peer Leaders?

    Peer leaders are a group of trained students who play an integral role in the first-year experience at AUC. They are a dynamic team that works under the supervision of the Office of Student Life. Their primary role is guiding, advising, and supporting you to successfully transition from high school into collegial life. Peer leaders will not only be present during times of orientation but also throughout the rest of the year via yearlong programs.

    What is expected from me during the orientation?

    To attend all the sessions and answer both the survey.

    Do I have to attend the FYP Orientation if I am an international student?

    Yes, and if needed, you may be assigned a unique schedule that combines both schedules.

    Is the FYP upcoming orientation online or on-ground?

    It is on-ground.

    If I missed the orientation, could I attend it later (e.g., another semester)?

    No, you are only allowed to attend the orientation during the semester of your admission including the make-up orientation almost two weeks after the actual orientation.

    What happens if I miss one of the FYP sessions?

    You must inform us via fyp@aucegypt.edu and you are required to attend the make-up orientation.

    What if I missed sessions but had a valid excuse?

    Make-up sessions will be offered to you provided that you submit proof justifying your absence.

    What happens if I miss my orientation because I'm a late acceptance?

    Make-up sessions will be provided to you.

    How can I apply to be part of the FYP Crew?

    Follow FYP social media accounts for any recruitment announcements in addition to an announcement through AUC-Connect.

  • The FYP recruits the FYP crew through the AUC portal in mid-March. The FYP recruits FYP peer leaders via the FYP Facebook and Instagram pages in addition to an announcement through AUC-Connect in mid-March.

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