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The Ahmed Zewail Prize

Ahmed H. Zewail, the winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, established this prize at AUC to recognize honors graduates whose academic accomplishments demonstrate a strong commitment to scientific inquiry and the affirmation of human values. The prize is intended to reflect Zewail’s belief that Egypt’s future development is based on:

  • Progress in the physical, biological and social sciences

  • Development of world-class technologies

  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between science, technology, and society

Candidates are evaluated by a panel of University faculty members on the basis of academic achievement, originality of their essays, and extracurricular activities that embody the ideals of the award. The prize was given for the first time in February 2001 and winners will be recognized at each AUC commencement.

Participants should submit the essay by email attachment to by December 13, 2021, at midnight (11:59 pm) CLT

  • The applicant must be an AUC student in the final semester of undergraduate study
  • The applicant must achieve an overall grade point average at the honors level (GPA must be 3.4 or above), as determined in the term preceding the semester graduation

A select faculty panel evaluates prospective candidates on the basis of the following:

  • Participants must write an original 1,500 to 2,000-word essay written especially for the prize on a science and humanities topic. The panel will judge the essay on its quality of thought, expression, originality, and multidisciplinary sophistication. Applicants must write one of the following two essays:

    • An original essay on any science and humanities topic that transcends the rigid boundaries of traditional academic disciplines and reflects a multidisciplinary perspective on the chosen topic

    • An original essay on a topic drawn from within the student’s own area of specialization that explores new ideas and possibilities and reflects the applicant’s own work and intellectual interest.

It is both appropriate and essential that the candidate reflects the breadth and depth of AUC’s academic reach and rich diversity of perspectives. Consistent with this goal, the widest possible participation by AUC students in all schools is welcomed and encouraged.

The prize will be awarded at each June commencement, to the preceding fall and spring winners. Recipients will be given a Commendation for Excellence certificate, a cash award of EGP 5,000, and a medal. Winning essays will be published on the prize page on the AUC website.

Mostafa Sherif Sedky (Spring 2021)

Farah Fawzi Ali  (February 2021)

Yusra Mostafa Salama (May 2020)

Dina Mahmoud (May 2019)

Islam AbdelRasoul (May 2019)

Lobna Dawoud (February 2018) 

Lara Assem (June 2017)

Ola Gamal Elsaid (February 2017)

Haitham Kandeel (May 2015)

Taher El Moataz Bellah Farghaly (June 2014)

Nada Yasser Sharkawy (February 2014)

Dalia Magdy El Serafy (June 2013)

Farida Ahmed Monsef (June 2012)

Hadeel Hesham Mohamed Salama (February 2012)

Yosra Bedair Metwally (June 2011)

Karen Beshay (February 2011)

Dahlia Abou-Azama (June 2010)

Maha Khalil (February 2009)

Salma Medhat Soliman (June 2009)

Farida Mortada (February 2009)

Hend Wagdi Nashaat (June 2008)

Yousef Gamal El Din (June 2007)

May Koura (February 2006)

Hussein Fouad Tarek Abou Bakr (February 2005)

Fatemah Hermes (June 2004)

Shahdan Arram (February 2004)

Sara Mitri (June 2003)

Beate Ulrike Sayed (February 2003)

Khaled Adel Harras (June 2001)

Maha Ayham Bali (February 2001)

For further information, send an email.