MSCHE Accredits AUC through 2027

President Francis J. Ricciardone: "We have so much to celebrate today, many people to honor, not least our graduates”





I am delighted to congratulate the nearly innumerable members of our faculty and staff whose diligence and commitment have resulted in the formal vote of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to accredit AUC through the 2026-2027 academic year. We received official notice of this very special good news just over last night.  

Given the breadth of the team which deserves full credit for this achievement, I do not dare single out the individual leaders of this truly shared effort, for fear of neglecting to cite all those who deserve commendation for their contributions. Nevertheless, each of us has witnessed the particularly heroic contributions among us, and we shall celebrate this in the appropriate form with the start of the coming academic year.

Congratulations and thank you to all whose daily work to make AUC an amazing institution has won us this vitally important, highest official recognition of our performance at, or exceeding, the highest American standards.