Village of Bolingbrook's Acting Mayor: 'AUC was My First Experience of Venturing Out On My Own'


Mary Alexander-Basta, acting mayor of the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois speaks to News@AUC about her time at AUC.

What was special about your time at AUC?
My time at AUC is one that I often reflect upon. It was my first experience of venturing out on my own, and although Egypt is my home country, it's a different country from where I grew up.

What did you enjoy the most about AUC?
Its diversity. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and at that the time, my exposure was mostly with Americans. At AUC, I met and developed friendships with people from across the globe. I also loved the social atmosphere and numerous activities that were available for students. I especially enjoyed the dances and movie nights. Obviously, being a part of the AUC tennis team was also something that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

How did AUC contribute to who you are today? 
Prior to becoming a mass communication [student], I was somewhat of a shy person, and as such, I found it very difficult to make friends and socialize. Being a student at AUC helped me develop self-confidence and the communication skills that I possess today. I learned the importance of eye contact and body language and how they impact people’s perception of an individual. While I have yet to master the art of public speaking to the masses, I am someone who can clearly get a message across to targeted groups and through individual conversations and can make things happen. I have been referred to by some as the “velvet hammer.”  

What are your short-term and long-term goals and priorities?
My priority as mayor will always be to do what is in the best interests of Bolingbrook. I will continue to maintain what was built by Mayor Roger C. Claar who dedicated 34 year to making Bolingbrook, Illinois what it is today. Bolingbrook is a very young Village (53 years old) and is rapidly growing due to the infrastructure that was put into place. We have door-to-door diversity in each of our neighborhoods and have been recognized many times as being on of the top cities in the United States. My goal is to continue to keep Bolingbrook a place to grow, a place where individuals or families of any size, age and nationality are able to call it home. 



As mayor, what is your plan to provide a safe community to your residents during the pandemic?

As we, along with the rest of the world, are faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been and will continue to do what is needed to maintain a safe community for our residents but also try and afford them an environment where they can gather safely and enjoy life. We had a jubilee where bands preformed and have socially distanced areas where families can come out and enjoy being outdoors. 

I also plan on working with the Village Board along with the library, park and school boards to make sure that we all continue to share the same vision for our village and look for and work toward ways of making our community even greater than what it is today.