A Warm Welcome to the Class of 2020

At the majors fair, freshmen meet faculty members and learn about AUC's academic programs
At the majors fair, freshmen meet faculty members and learn about AUC's academic programs

The Class of 2020 has arrived on campus, full of aspirations and hope for the future.
Made up of approximately 1,000 undergraduates and more than 250 admitted graduate students, the incoming class hails from diverse countries, including the United States, Canada, France and Switzerland, as well as different parts of Africa and the Middle East such as Kenya, Mauritania, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and, of course, Egypt. Around 100 incoming students have received full or partial scholarships to study at the University, and more than 70 students have traveled from their home countries to study Arabic or spend a semester abroad at AUC.
With more than 3,000 applicants this fall, only a limited number of students were accepted. “Even though the University raised the cut-off scores, we had a long waiting list, but had to accept only a certain number of students according to the available slots,” said Randa Kamel, executive director of the Office of Enrollment and Student Services. “There was also a high demand for the declaration of science and engineering majors.”  
In addition to students, more than 30 faculty members of 13 different nationalities have joined the University. 

Welcome to AUC 

AUC President Francis Ricciardone welcomed the Class of 2020 at the convocation ceremony, which concluded orientation week. He spoke about the essential components that make up the AUC community. “If there is one thing that is a priority for me, what brought me here, it is our community: its health, its vibrancy, its impact on the world,” he said.
Ricciardone welcomed the freshman class to be part of the AUC community. “Clearly, we are replenishing our community today. You are bringing fresh blood, talent and vitality to our community,” he said, encouraging new students to remember the four traits that define the AUC community as they start their journey at the University. “G.I.V.E. - Giving, Integrity, Vitality and Excellence. That’s who we are,” said Ricciardone.  
Convocation also included a slideshow on alumni achievements, snapshots of the First-Year Experience and the AUC pledge. “What really touched my heart was the AUC pledge,” said freshman Taher Fahmy, noting the importance of officially becoming part of the AUC community. “When the president said, ‘Welcome to AUC,’ I really felt it.”
Freshman Malak Ayman shared similar sentiments. “What President Ricciardone said affected most of the freshmen; you can really relate to it,” she said. “And it’s nice to know that we’re welcomed.”

Freshman Faces: Meet the Class of 2020


Marwan Abdel Moneim, Aswan 

Freshman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Scholarship Recipient

A scholarship student from Upper Egypt, Abdel Moneim wrote for Bashkatib, a network of local media outlets run by youth in his hometown of Aswan.
“I wanted to come to AUC because it’s the best University in Egypt and, luckily, I got a scholarship to be able to study here. You can really feel diversity in the community here on campus.”



Matt Treasure, United States
MA in Egyptology

Treasure was encouraged by his department chair at Truman State University, where he completed his BA, to visit AUC while he was on a dig in Egypt last year.

“I just really felt there was no better place to study Egyptology than right in the country itself.”




Mariam Salam ’13, United Arab Emirates
MA in International and Comparative Law

An AUC graduate of political science, with a minor in economics, Salam moved to Dubai after graduation to work in Weatherford’s legal department.  
“Working at Weatherford was good exposure, but I wanted to go back to NGOs and development. That’s when I decided to pursue a degree that will complement the work I want to do. I felt the best option would be to start here at AUC again, and I really enjoy living here in Egypt.”


Fatma El Nefaly, Cairo

For freshman El Nefaly, AUC is a family affair. She followed in the footsteps of her sister, who is currently a sophomore at AUC.  
“I haven’t totally made up my mind about what I want to do, so I really wanted to go to a liberal arts school. That way, even if I declare construction engineering, I can still minor in something else or just study a variety of topics.”