Student Clubs Showcase Projects, Upcoming Events at Activities Fair

From the newly established Heya to the 25-year-old Cairo International Model United Nations, almost 30 student clubs are taking part in the bi-annual Activities Fair this week. The fair, which began last Sunday and will continue until Thursday, aims to highlight the diversified programs and projects undertaken by undergraduate and graduate student clubs through booths on Bartlett Plaza.

“This fair is a great opportunity for us to promote the projects and activities we have planned for the semester,” said Waleed Khalil, CEO of the Entrepreneurs Society. “We would also be able to have new members join the club, which improves the quality and range of our projects.”

One of the newest groups to join the plethora of student clubs is the Maghrebian Union. The president, Chada El Islam Bennahcene, said that the club’s main purpose is to spread awareness about the culture of Maghreb. “Our goal this semester is to be the number one cultural club at AUC, so we’re really trying to create a buzz online and do other kinds of public relations initiatives,” she said. “Being here at the fair around students definitely helps.”

Freshman Mohamed Ashraf signed up for the Maghrebian Union because he is interested in taking the French classes offered by the club. “All of my friends are in this club too, so it’s great,” he said. “I love how much diversity is at this University.”

Seif Hamed, another freshman, signed up for AIESEC because he is keen on taking part in the club’s student exchange programs. “I went on an exchange trip, to Italy, and the experience really took me off the tourist map,” he recalled. “The trip was hosted by AIESEC, so I spent my time in Italy teaching English and living there as a student. I wasn’t doing what tourists typically do. I was living there as a student. That whole experience made me really want to be an AIESEC member.”

Other popular clubs, such as Resala AUC, participate in the Activities Fair every year in order to get the word out about their multitude of services to the community. Zeina Mohamed, former high-board member of Resala AUC, said, “I graduated last June, but I’m very attached to the club so I came to help out with recruiting. Our priority this week is to attract new members, but even if people don’t sign up, we’d be making others aware of the activities we’re doing and spreading the word about our message and vision.”

With the variety of student clubs represented, there is sure to be something for everyone. For students who want to brush up on their diplomacy skills, there are the Cairo International Model United Nations and Cairo International Model Arab League. Students wishing to volunteer for community service activities may sign up for the Help Club, Student Action for Refugees, 3al Raseef, Helm, the Anti-Cancer Team and Volunteers in Action, to name just a few. Other notable students groups include the Student Union and Cairo International Model Arab League.

“The main purpose of the event is for student clubs to publicize their programs, projects and events,” said Ahmed Abdel Aziz, events specialist at the Office of Student Development. “Whether promoting their activities, offering a service or recruiting new members, the fair is a great way to bring the clubs together and let the AUC community know about their activities and programs.”

AUC has around 70 student-led organizations with more than 3,000 members. They are divided into academic, and community service clubs, cultural and special interest groups, student government and conferences, as well as graduate student clubs.