Shukran Rewards High Performance, Going the Extra Mile

Fifteen staff members were honored with the Shukran award for exceptional professional performance and dedication to AUC in a special ceremony this week. Recipients received gifts and certificates at the award ceremony, organized by the Office of Human Resources, which honored the following individuals.

  • Dr. Suzan Michel Fouad, physician, Office Medical Services
  • Nader Mohamed Tewfik Abdalla, manager, Office of Business Support
  • Rehab Farouk Mohamed Habashy, executive assistant to chair, Department of Architecture
  • Amira Mohamed Mahmoud El Deeb, Department of Career Development, School for Continuing Education
  • Mariam Gamal Demian, video conference and streaming media service officer, Classroom Technologies and Media Services
  • Hanaa Shawki Mahmoud Abdel Aal, coordinator III, Office of the Controller
  • Fatma Mohamed Soliman, team leader, housekeeping, Office of Facilities and Operations
  • Alaa Eldin Hassan Ali, representative, ID services, Office of Safety and Security
  • Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed, nurse, Office of Medical Services
  • Maha Mohamed Ramy Hussein Tantawy, accountant, Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
  • Iman Abdalla Shehata, coordinator I, psychology lab and clinic, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology
  • Ayman Hassan Maamoun Serag, senior specialist, ELI computing support, Department of English Language Instruction
  • Mona Mohamed Ali Khalil, specialist, student certification, Strategic Enrollment Management, School of Continuing Education
  • Sabry Abdallah Anglew, clerk 1, program, Engineering and Science Services
  • Ramadan Mohamed Afifi Abdel Moneim (deceased), Driver, Office of Transportation

“What I’ve detected since coming here are these pockets of positive energy at AUC,” said President Francis J. Ricciardone. “It is these pockets, groups and individuals that will help us all go from very good to great, and also to go from 'me' culture to 'we' culture. The performances of people like today’s awardees are what will get us there.”

Brian MacDougall, executive vice president for finance and administration, also commended this distinctive group at the reception. “This program identifies high performers across the University who made an important contribution to its overall success,” he said. “For a university to work, everyone needs to have focus and commitment, and all of our honorees display the character of the staff that we are so proud of. Collectively, all the honorees have provided 200 years of service to the University, and that in itself is an impressive accomplishment.”

For Shehata, who has worked at AUC for 26 years, the University is a second home. “Being appreciated by the Shukran award strengthened my sense of belonging to the lovely AUC community,” she said. “This award would have not been possible without the inspiration of the psychology faculty.”

Habashy has also dedicated about 20 years to AUC, working for three different departments and gaining valuable experience along the way. “I feel proud and happy to receive this award,” she said. “It is a motivation for further hard work and stronger devotion to my job.”

Habashy also expressed gratitude for her colleagues who have supported her during her time at AUC. “Many colleagues helped me during those years. Specifically, Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid supported and encouraged me a lot. Currently, Ahmed Sherif, the chair of the Department of Architecture, is giving me support and encouragement, as well as all faculty in the department.”

Tantawy also thanked her colleague Mohamed Ahmadein for his continuous support and guidance, his diligence in clarifying the scope of work, which directly reflected on her work and resulted in her receiving Shukran award. “This kind of award, as well as appreciation through kind words, motivates us recipients in a way that improves productivity and enhances performance,” she noted. "I feel very fortunate to be able to work in such a positive environment. This unexpected recognition of my efforts gives me a sense of security and confidence. I will redouble my efforts in serving AUC to the best of my abilities. I will enjoy doing so, as I find great satisfaction in working here, and I really like my job.”

Following his recent passing, Moneim was specially honored. Moneim has served AUC for 20 years. According to his colleagues, he exemplified a positive attitude and high performance, and he carried out a wide variety of tasks dilligently throughout his service. Moneim’s son accepted the award on his father’s behalf.