Shukran Award Winners: Going Above and Beyond

Shukran awardees joined President Ad Interim Thomas E. Thomason at the award ceremony
Shukran awardees joined President Ad Interim Thomas E. Thomason at the award ceremony

Ten staff members were recognized last week as this year's Shukran awardees. A special reception was held last Monday for the Shukran (Thank You) staff awards, where President Ad Interim Thomas E. Thomason presented awards to the staff members, who were nominated for their exceptional work and dedication to the University.

This year, the awardees are:

  • Mohamed Raafat Mohamed Mahdy Shaheen, officer of building administration, Office of Residential Life
  • Manar Abdel Razek Zaki, assistant registrar for graduate student records and academic affairs, Office of the Registrar
  • Fekry Farouk Mohamed Amin, front desk coordinator, Office of Strategic Enrollment Management, School of Continuing Education
  • Mahmoud Sherif Rahmy, outreach engagement specialist, AUC Venture Lab
  • Hany Mostafa Amin Mahmoud, office aid I, English Language Instruction Department of English Language Instruction
  • Ahmed El Sayed Bekhit Hindy, security guard II, Office of Security, AUC New Cairo
  • Karam Metwaly El Kilany, warehouse senior specialist, Office of Property Inventory and Warehouse Control
  • Fayez Sayed Abdel Moati, driver I, Transportation Services
  • Angelique Roesch, manager of administration and planning, Office of Information Technology
  • Gaber Mahrous Mohamed, technical assistant, Libraries and Learning Technologies, AUC Main Library

Many awardees gave credit to their colleagues, acknowledging that the hard work of those around them encourages them to do their very best. Shaheen recalled the Helen Keller quote “Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much.” “After all my years servicing AUC, I have realized, without a doubt, that if we work together, we can do so much more,” declared Shaheen. “My colleagues gave me the push to go above and beyond.”

Rahmy emphasized the importance of a good team relationship to the success of AUC’s Venture Lab. “At the V-Lab, I always do my best, but we have developed very good teamwork and it’s a great program. I would like to thank all my colleagues, the HR team and the administration,” he said.

El Kilany shared the award with his entire office. “I feel very happy to get this prize, but, it’s not just for me. I dedicate it to all my colleagues,” he said.  

Hindy also expressed his gratitude to his department. “I am very proud of this gift. Thank you to the other staff members who nominated me for the award, and thank you to the whole security department,” he said.

Although a native of South Africa, Roesch has found a home not just in Egypt, but in the AUC community. “For me, AUC is family,” she said. “I have been here for 16 years, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I am honored.”

Mohamed’s colleagues said that he is so well-liked by students, they ask for him by name. “For me, it’s all about service,” he noted. “I feel that I do my best all the time, and this is a great moment for me.”

Zaki was equally surprised and honored by the nomination. “This award was really very unexpected,” she said “But I am immensely happy and I really appreciate it.”

Moati spoke about the value of honoring staff for their hard work and encouraging excellence in the AUC community. “Thank you to the University for this award," he said. "It is a very good program for the staff members, and thank you to everyone in the transportation office."