A Scholarship Alumnus: A Rising Star in Management Consulting

Scholarship Alumnus
Scholarship Alumnus

Mohamed Omar Hasseeb ’11 decided to enter challenging and intriguing career, but he chose it with confidence, because he was prepared from his undergraduate studies at AUC. Hasseeb, recipient of the Vodafone Public School Scholarship, works as a senior business analyst at management consulting firm Quick-Wins, based in Egypt, with regional branches in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Currently based in Doha, Qatar, Hasseeb is working on a large-scale project with the Qatari government that involves setting the strategy and structures for a number of social work organizations.

“My undergraduate study at AUC as a business administration and economics student equipped me with the needed interpersonal and professional skills to start a career in a very challenging field, such as management consultancy, that requires deep academic knowledge and very high interpersonal and communication skills,” said Hasseeb, who attended El Haram Secondary School in Giza, Egypt. “Actually, I learned a lot about management consulting through the many activities held at AUC, and in particular the job shadowing sessions held by AUC’s Career Center.”  In addition to this, the School of Business management courses and the availability of diverse extracurricular activities gave Hasseeb the opportunity to work with several entities on and off campus, which enhanced his personal skills and gave him a great edge when applying for a job after graduation.

“I believe that I changed a lot during my four and a half years of study at AUC to become the person who I am today. The Vodafone Public School Scholarship not only give me the opportunity to study under the supervision of the best academic staff in Egypt, but it was an eye opening experience to see that there was more to university life than just academia.”

During his undergraduate study at AUC, Hasseeb was involved in a number of community service activities. He was a member of the Help Club, a community service group that focuses on awareness campaigns inside AUC and carries out charity and development activities in the poor district of Masr El Adima. Hasseeb started as a member of the Help Club and continued all the way through the four years of his time at AUC to be a committee head, a financial coordinator, human resources director and a high board member. He also worked with Alashanek Ya Balady (AYB), which focuses on combating poverty in Ain Al Sira district by carrying out development projects.

According to Hasseeb, the range of extracurricular activities, the structure of the liberal arts education system that gives you the chance to study different disciplines, and the diversified student body are all factors that played a major role in shaping his character, opening for him the door for a prosperous career and a bright future. “All these elements in one place helped me become a well-rounded person and it gave me the necessary interpersonal and professional skills to pursue my dream,” Hasseeb said proudly. 

Hasseeb currently works on other initiatives with a non-governmental organization that involves giving free training sessions to raise awareness about Egypt’s current economic and financial situation. 

Established in 2006, the Vodafone Public School Scholarship was designed to support outstanding and deserving Egyptian students who graduated from a public high school and majored in business administration.