Vodafone Scholar Employed by Vodafone

Scholarship Alumna
Scholarship Alumna

It is a life-time opportunity and it does change lives. Thanks to AUC’s scholarship programs, we are generating change every day. Nada Abdel Ghani ’13, former beneficiary of the Vodafone Public School Scholarship fund, has been granted the opportunity to study at AUC through the support of Vodafone, and now she is giving back with her expertise and knowledge at Vodafone Egypt's finance department. 

“Upon receiving the scholarship, I had the chance to meet with Mr. Hatem Dowidar, Vodafone Egypt’s CEO back then, which was such a motivational step in my life. The meeting inspired me to work for Vodafone Egypt one day, and now here I am, a Vodafone employee,” Abdel Ghani affirmed proudly. “Graduating from AUC was a turning point in my life, and the green card to various gates of my career" she added. “Receiving my bachelor degree with high honors from the best business school in Egypt is the basic milestone in my career. Additionally, through the campus experience, I have learned a set of soft skills essential for a professional life. At AUC, I got to meet people from a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs; which helped me understand, accept and deal with those differences.”

During her undergraduate life at AUC, Abdel Ghani participated in many extracurricular activities on campus including the Student Union, Cairo International Model United Nations and Volunteers In Action community service club. “The extracurricular activities helped me develop my leadership, communication and professional skills,” she added. 

Abdel Ghani’s dream has always been to establish the base for an Egyptian manufacturing company to grow into a multi-national corporation. After studying business administration at AUC, her aspirations for her future career increased. “I aspire to become one of the best and most recognized financial experts in the world; I want to show the world what a well-educated Muslim woman can do,” stated Abdel Ghani with lots of confidence and pride.

Abdel Ghani is also planning to work towards building a school in Upper Egypt. “Believing in the power and importance of education, I dream of building a school in an underprivileged area in Upper Egypt — this is what Egypt truly needs.”
Prior to joining Vodafaone, Abdel Ghani worked as a junior equity analyst in Prime Holding, a regional investment bank with a presence in major Arab markets. She is also pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, which is an important step in achieving her dream of becoming a financial expert. She is also planning to apply for a Master of Business Administration degree, but she decided to spend several years in the market first to gain the required experience.