A Passion to Support AUC

Nader Ismail ’03, a physics major, may have graduated from AUC, but he has never truly left. As a loyal supporter, Ismail is indeed grateful for his valuable education. He considers himself a proud member of the AUC family and is adamant about the importance of supporting his alma matter. 

“I have great passion towards AUC, and I will stay as a donor, even if I can only give small amounts. What AUC did for me is so much greater,” said Ismail, adding that donors are the backbone of this University. It is important to maintain this community of donors to enhance the resources AUC provides to its students and the Egyptian community. "We all need to invest in AUC, not only as Board of Trustee members, but alumni, parents and students." 

Ismail is currently the managing director of EGETD, a group of diversified companies specialized in power control distribution, low tension and medium tension, and steel sheet processing distribution. He emphasizes the importance of supporting scholarships and fellowships as a means to educate the leaders of tomorrow. “AUC graduates are a valuable commodity,” he said. "They develop strong characters, good work ethic and the ability to think critically, all of which are vital to Egypt's work force. It is a privilege to be an AUC student, but with that comes the obligation to give back to the community.”