Middle States Commission Reaffirms AUC Accreditation

AUC’s accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) was recently reaffirmed, with no follow-up comments. AUC was last reaccredited for a 10-year period in 2008, and the reaffirmation came following the successful submission of a mid-way periodic review report earlier this year.

“The recent reaccreditation by Middle States is an affirmation of the high-quality education that AUC offers and a testament to our distinctiveness in Egypt and the region,” said Provost Amr Shaarawi. “Being part of an accredited institution enhances students' opportunities in the professional realm, and opens doors for constant improvement and development of our programs to advance our mission.”

Accreditation is a process of self-regulation and peer review conducted by members of the educational community. “With an accredited institution, a student has some assurance that he or she will receive a quality education that will be recognized by other universities and by employers,” explained Ann Boudinot-Amin, executive director of data analytics and institutional research. “Accreditation is an affirmation that a university adheres to standards of excellence and provides the kind of quality of education that the general public has the right to expect and that the educational community recognizes.”

MSCHE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is responsible for more than 525 accredited and candidate institutions in the United States and abroad. The commission grants accreditation for a decade, with a midway periodic review report after five years. In this report, Boudinot-Amin noted, the University was required to provide –– among other things –– “updates on changes that have occurred since the last self-study; progress made on recommendations from the earlier self-study and external review; a description of AUC’s major achievements, challenges and opportunities since 2008; a report on enrollment and finances; an assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness processes; and a report on how AUC links strategic planning to resource allocation.”

The University’s self-study process and on-site evaluation visit for MSCHE reaccreditation will take place during the 2017 - 2018 academic year. AUC was not required to submit a follow-up report to the periodic review. “We're very happy with this result,” said Boudinot-Amin. “It is common for universities to be required to submit follow-up reports.”

AUC is also accredited by the Egyptian National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education . Many of AUC’s programs also have specialized accreditation from internationally-recognized professional organizations.

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