Meet the Freshman Class

Incoming students flooded AUC New Cairo during orientation week, as faculty, staff and returning students turned out to greet them. Out of 2,826 applicants, more than 1,000 students were accepted to AUC’s undergraduate Class of 2017.

“AUC is the best University in Egypt and offers a wider range of courses to its students because you can take classes outside of your major,” said incoming freshman Omar Shaban. “I plan to major in business administration, but I want to try as many different subjects as I can. I know that going to AUC will enhance my future because it’s the best place to learn business management skills.”

While browsing the Student Engagement Fair in Bartlett Plaza, Gasser Mahmoud looked forward to AUC’s academic offerings, as well as becoming a part of the diverse AUC community. “I hope to study petroleum engineering, and the program at AUC is very advanced and has good facilities, as well as connections with international companies and a great reputation worldwide,” he said. “AUC is also known for having a vibrant social life.”

Incoming undergraduate, graduate and study-abroad students took part in information sessions, engagement fairs, team-building competitions and social events during orientation week, as they got to know each other and the campus, and learned what to expect from their time at AUC.

Camilla Garder, an anthropology student from Denmark, hoped that her semester at AUC would be a first step toward conducting field research in Egypt in the future. “I want to learn Arabic so that I can do research in Egypt, and I also want to widen my horizons and live in a different society,” she said. “Denmark is very homogenous, so coming here exposes me to diversity. I know that when I go home, I will look at Danish society in another light because of this experience.”

German study-abroad student Lilian Seffer was inspired to come to Egypt by the Arab Spring. “As a political science student, I want to be inside a society in transformation to better understand what is going on,” she explained. “Coming to AUC is a great opportunity because I can take my classes in English while I begin to learn Arabic. I look forward to a lot of great debates and discussions, and to seeing other perspectives.”

The incoming students were welcomed by volunteers from the returning student body. The Student Orientation Team worked with the First-Year Experience program to prepare the campus for the incoming freshmen, lead tours and participate in events with the new students. International Peer Leaders (IPLs) put together activities and welcome packs for international students and accompanied them as they explored the campus and Cairo. “It’s nice to introduce new people to the University,” said Heba Abdel Razzak, an international peer leader. “I remember when I went to camp abroad, it was really difficult and I did not have enough support. It’s important to help people when they come to a new place.”

Nadine Zahran, who is serving as an IPL for the second year in a row, added, “We aren’t here just to help during orientation week. IPLs are always in the international student affairs office, and students are welcome to stop by whenever they have free time. We want to serve as a resource for them and make sure they have fun.”