Dorm Residents Live Like a Local

During this year’s spring break, ten dorm residents and two staff members participated in the Office of Residential Life Cross-Cultural Exchange Program with Ibn Tofail University in Morocco. The exchange program exposed dorm residents to different communities and taught them about their host country while also giving them the opportunity to live as locals on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the program, dorm residents discovered the beauty and splendors of Moroccan cities including Chefchaouen, Marrakesh, Tangier and Tetouan.

Below are reflections of participants from the program:

Lamis Morsy, master of public administration student: "I have traveled to many countries, but never have I seen a country with such diverse nature. Morocco has the ocean, the greenery and the desert, which are all beautiful. My favorite city by far was Chefchaouen; I was amazed by the calmness reflected in the white and blue colors throughout the city.

Hisham Yacout, undeclared sophomore: "The experience is simply unforgettable and stays with you for forever along with the new friends you made in the program. I learned a lot about the Moroccan culture and discovered that I had inaccurate knowledge about the culture and lifestyle. Moroccans are very similar to Egyptians."

Lamish Hamdy, coordinator, Office of Residential Life: “Cross-cultural experiences provide students with an opportunity to explore other cultures and communities as well as grow individually. The Office of Residential Life is always on the search for new cross-cultural experiences with universities that can enrich our residents with intercultural competence.”

"Our experience with Ibn Tofail University in Morocco was very thrilling on both the cultural and educational level. Students participating in the program learned a great deal about a new culture they had to tolerate and respect. They also made new friends whom they are now calling 'our second family in Morocco'. The exchange program is excellent because it directs residents to a new path of self-exploration and embrace differences." 

Salma Hniche,  student from Ibn Tufail University: "During my visit to Egypt, I had the opportunity to explore some of the most important historical sites in the world. I really enjoyed the Nile River cruise and the opportunity to experience Alexandria's European flair. I'm glad this program introduced me to amazing people with whom I now share unforgettable memories."